Albania: CARP Workshop “Winner! Yes! CARP!”


By ACRP Albania


We desire to be winners, we desire to make as many activities as possible, and to give glory to our True Parents. Vision 2020 is approaching and the activities in our centers are being organized more often. For this reason, we organized for a second time, this year a CARP workshop on October 28th to 30th, 2016. This was linked with the 50th anniversary of the establishment of “World Collage Association in Research of the principle”. We gathered around 120 young high-school and university students from all our nine centers in Albania and Kosovo by teaching them to love themselves, the society and their nation.

The staff, made by young leaders and CARP representatives from our centers, have strongly collaborated. They did their best to embody CARP core values, and by their example the core values could touch all the participants. It’s so beautiful and a great feeling to see members connect with each other and invest 3 days with big desire and hope.

The connection between the participants and the workshop staff was very natural, friendly and very familiar.


As a guideline for this workshop we used few elements from “Global Top Gun, Youth”. We included many elements: dividing the participants in to two clan’s ALPHA and OMEGA, with the meaning to harmonize with each other. The clans where composed from 9 families. The entertaining program, which we called “Sports Festival” was organized in different sport stations, where the focus was in preserving the team spirit and encouraging collaboration between each-other. The workshop program was a combination of information, sports, and art.

MC played a great role in creating a high atmosphere and young spirit, by being harmonized with each other and working as one.

It is to be mentioned also the valuable information given by our lecturers on this workshop. They did a great job in preparing their topic. The lectures started with a presentation on W-CARP, and it continued with topics like: “Purpose and Education”, “Freedom and Responsibility”, “Step up Program”.

The workshop was honored by two special guest: Dr. David Hana who spoke about, “The Importance of Educating Young People for the Future of the Nation” and Mrs. Martine Masner. She spoke about “Living for the Greater Good”. Also the UPA cadets Mika Camara and Riza Mhae Santarin where warmly welcomed by the audience.

This workshop made us feel all winners with the hope to always work harder to lead forward True Parents work. From the analysis of the reflections we come to a conclusion that almost 90% of the participants have maximally evaluated the lecturers, the staff, lectures, the atmosphere, the sports festival etc.



  • Korça: “ I never thought that on W-Carp I would have felt this way. In this two days I felt like in heaven and they were fantastic days for me, I build more faith in myself, I realized the need of team work, now I know what it means to help and to be helped…”
  • Vlorë: “I feel very lucky that I could meet W-CARP. All this great family has been a support for me since I have returned again in Albaina. I have also decided that beyond any difficulties, that I am going to face, I want to come to workshops again, I really desire that everyone can become part of us.”
  • Fier: “I had around two months that I was expecting this workshop. When I was told that I would be a family leader I thought that it would be easy but now I changed my mind. I could relate to the group very easily, to the clan, and even with all participants. I feel very happy and have big hopes for Albania.”
  • Tiranë: “I cannot easily describe how I feel, this days will stay for a long time in my memory but will always remain in my heart. I can’t wait for the next Workshop.”
  • Kosovë: “This days on the workshop has been among 2 best days that I have had in a long time, I felt very good, I had the chance to get to know young and good people which I will remember for a long time.”
  • Tiranë: “… The workshop has made me to find a family, the one that I have been longing for a long time. I always had in my mind a trip to find myself and now was the time. This is why I am so happy today.”

For more photos from the workshop you can visit CARP Albania Facebook page.