Women-Peace and Education: Women Leaders as Peacemakers in Different Fields


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By FFWPU Dominican Republic, Leonidas Belliard


With presences of 200 distinguish participants, amount them, 30 international delegates, the WFWP hold the 5th GWPN in The Dominican Republic. This time with the special and distinguished honorable present of Prof. Yeon Ah Moon, the international president of WFWP.

For fifth time, women showed their power by bringing together a variety of women leaders who are committed to bring the World Peace and harmony. With the theme “Women-Peace and Education”, 11 high level women served as speakers which kept the attention of participants during more than 7 hours sharing a special content centering on the woman as peace maker.

Dr. Diana Contreras, president of WFWP Dominican Republic spoke about the great effort done by organizers to make possible to held this important event for 5 years consecutively at that international level, it is really hard to do so, but because we as women, understand our roll of peace maker, we cannot do anything more than persistently go forward until get the goal to achieve the peace through our own hands and education in our families.

Lic. Janet Camilo, Minister of Women’s Affairs Office, said in her speech: People says she is a feminism because she is defending equal rights of woman as man, so she understands man and women were created to be in the same level, so she is proud of been working to get the level for women from the minister that she is director. She said everything women does, it is well done, because woman does everything with love and woman has special key to solve problems in good way, her softly voice is the more powerful tool to pursue the objective and break through any kind of barriers.

The representative of The First Lady Office, Dr. Francisco Garcia, congratulate such nice event with very high level women together from around the World, specially he welcomed the presence of the international president of WFWP, Dr. Yeon Ah Moon, who made such great effort to come from Korea to be here in this event. He mentions the big effort of first lady from her position to stop violence through several programs been carry out, but he believes this kind of externally is very powerful to bring peace not only locally but international level, so he suggested us to connect with the first lady department in order to work together to bring the best result for world peace.

After Yeon Ah Moon speech, the patriotic traditional Loggia Masonic representatives, headed by Dr. Catalino Pichardo, came out to present a recognition to her as distinguished Honorable Guests for her international duties and many years hard working for peace and specially because she made space in her occupied schedule to come this island and bring the message of hope for peace.


Senator Amarilis Santana’s speech at the assembly:

The speech of Senator Santana was short. She limited to the time allowed. Knowing our movement as she participated last year in the ILC in Korea she praised our works of the WFWP as well as UPF. She also gave a brief historical account of the political rights gained by women in the Dominican Republic. She mentioned the challenges women are actually facing in the political and social areas in our country. She acknowledged and praised the works of WFWP, GWPN and UPF in from of the attending ladies.

After sharing nice food, four-discussion group were made to interchange experiences closely about for mean topics: 1. Education, 2. Politics, 3. NGOs, 4. United Nations. Each group chose a committee of 5 persons to follow up having gathering and meeting to promote the topics they were discussing, so the amount the four groups, 20 people were determined to continue researching how to improve the world peace from their different fields and backgrounds.

Participants really involved in the event and sign the declaration of working for peace together beyond the races, boundaries of any languages, up to the point nobody want to miss put their sing in the banner prepare for the occasion.

At the end, environmental cultural group performed a nice drama on how to unite the different type of cultural backgrounds from different nations. In addition, the professional singer, Mrs. Seiko Lee, sang several songs, everybody danced joyfully together and experimented a harmoniously time by feeling world is been united through peace.

Next day, on October 1st, Yeon Ah Nim met Dr. Gustavo Sanchez, who is the speaker for 113 congressmen from ruling party. Dr. Yang, Rev. Kim, and National leader couple were among the delegation. Dr. Yang introduced a brief report about UPF recent activities and invited him to joint the next event in Washington. Dr. Sanchez showed his interest to be part of the board member who could organize congress activities for UPF and committed to work with the persons he recommended to the UPF regional conference.

Sunday Service with Yeon Ah Nim

More than 200 members joined the Sunday service at the headquarters. It was a very good spiritual atmosphere to see members nationwide willingly to receive Yeon Ah Nim speech.

After watching the weekly news we enjoyed such nice message from Yeon Ah Nim who was very happy to see all our members smiling and sastify with her presence for the first time in our nation. Yeon Ah Nim message was base on her testimonies and experiences with our dear True Parents, something that moved everybody and made them determine to go forward to get to the God’s Home Land.

After her speech, new members were intoduced and certificates were given to 10 new Carp members, who determined to work and train to carry out God’s providence.

Yeon Ah Nim delivered gifts to CARP, and second generations and to all members on behalf of True Parent.