With Blessed Families in Portugal

By FFWPU Portugal, Sérgio Neto


An exemplary work

It is with great joy and pride for the Portuguese family, that we reported the tribal providential work of the couple João Oliveira and Kiyoko Oliveira (above picture).

They received the blessing on October 14 1982 with 6,000 couples in Korea, and they have three blessed children.

Since 2013 after the Foundation Day, they pledged to continue to spread the message of the True Parents through the sale of True Father biography.

Until now they have the national record 1.638 delivered biographies, they buy and selling to everybody in outside and cover all the country.

They are an example of determination and dedication for all of us blessed families in Portugal.


Running with FFWPU Flag

The Park of Nations hosted a night race of 10 km whose goal is to convey a message of Union, Interdependence and emotional sharing between peoples and cultures.

The Board of Nations Park Town invited the whole community to run or walk with the colors of their countries to together portray a human frame that reflects the colors of a united world.

Beginning after the setting of the sun, the RACE NATIONS presented itself as a unique opportunity for participants roam the night in fantastic avenues of Nations Park.

Based on historical pillars of the Nations Park and Expo98, the organization intended to promote healthy lifestyles through a voice of respect and admiration for all people regardless of their origin, race, religion or nation.

Haved the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (in Portugal) being represented in the first edition held on 8 October in the park of nations in Lisbon, by Isabel Santos, 2nd veteran F45; Flavio Santos 4th of the general classification and 2nd senior; and Susana Santos winning the ranking female juniors.