USA: YUM Career Networking Day and Mentorship Program Kickoff



by FFWPU USA, Sunmarie Burns

On Sunday, September 25, the Young Unificationists Ministry (YUM) of New Jersey hosted their first Career Networking Day and Mentorship Program Kickoff event. Over 70 people attended the event. It was a three hour program from 2:00-5:00 p.m., in which attendants learned about the ins and outs of interviewing, resume writing, job searching, and more.

The event started out with lunch and a panel discussion about various college and career related issues. On the panel were Charko Patterson, Jimmy Coyne, Clara Brunkhorst, Kuni Miyazawa, Richard Curry, and Greer Warden.

The event was geared toward college students, high school seniors, and anyone interested in learning about a new profession. The participants got a comprehensive real-world look into various fields of study and career options.


There was an overwhelming response from both first- and second-generation Unificationists to help the next generation succeed. Over 40 working professionals agreed to be mentors and 35 were in attendance that day.

Each mentor sat at a booth according to their major field of study and time was set aside during the middle of the event for the participants to approach the mentors and speak with them about their job and ask questions. The participants then got to attend various professional development sessions on resume building, interviewing, networking, job searching, and internships. At the end, they each had the unique opportunity to select a mentor of their choice, whom they will now correspond with via email during a 12-week Professional Mentoring Program.

Feedback from both the participants and the mentors was very positive. One participant said, “Thank you so much for organizing this event! I loved it, and it definitely cleared up a couple things for me.”

Another stated that “it was really inspiring and I learned a lot from it.”

We hope that as the Mentor Program progresses it will provide both the participants and the mentors an opportunity to continue to learn from one another, grow and discover how to succeed in each field of study. It is hoped that this event will become a bi-annual event in the future.