USA: Weekend Seminar for Ohio WFWP community


by WFWP USA, Nadya S. Hinson, Seolah Kim and Marcia Schlichting


Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) Ohio welcomed the president of WFWP USA, Angelika Selle, to the Ohio WFWP community over the weekend of October 14-16 to facilitate a “Leadership of the Heart Seminar.” Local representatives from the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) in Ohio, FFWPU USA (UC Columbus), and the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) joined together in a fantastic dinner meeting on Friday, October 14, at the Akaihana Restaurant. Dinner was hosted by the restaurant owner and his wife. As Angelika pointed out over dinner, True Mother emphasized in her most recent speeches that all affiliate organizations of FFWPU need to work together in order to fulfill Vision 2020.

The main program began at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday with a gathering of around 30 guests. After greetings and a prayer, Angelika Selle was introduced to speak. The topic of her presentation was “Discovering the Leader Within, Leadership of the Heart: What is it? Why do we need it?” She explained that there are 10 character traits of being a genuine leader:

President Selle also presented an introduction of the mission and ongoing activities of WFWP and how we could develop our talents to become leaders of heart in our own community. One a sister who attended the seminar was inspired to share, “We must lead with our hearts, not our minds.”

The presentation was followed by lively conversation over lunch, which was prepared by culinary volunteers. After lunch, the meeting continued with a musical performance.


On Sunday, October 16, Angelika stayed consistent with the weekend’s theme in her sermon, delivered at UC Columbus. She asked us two questions: If not us, who? And if not now, when? As we get settled into the rhythm and challenges of daily life, it is easy to slip into the background and think that someone else, someone better than ourselves, will solve the problems of the world.

President Selle urged us to realize, that we are the heroes in our narratives and now is the time for action. True Parents gave us the tools and truly believed and still believes that we are capable of becoming messiahs in our community.

The weekend concluded with a ceremonial passing of the WFWP Chairwoman torch from Natalie Grishin to Nadya Hinson and a presentation of appreciation gifts. Angelika Selle also took time after service to hold a Q&A session with local community members. The spirit of the gathering was open and genuine where our family members could ask questions of what was in their hearts.

During this time she pointed out that our movement had a solid past and that it also has a clear future. What God is asking us to do now is to manifest through tribal messiah activities what Heavenly Parent wanted from the very beginning of the creation: a world of the heart, a world in which humankind can experience Heavenly Parent’s love in their daily lives.   One brother commented, “I am so happy to have participated today. I was uplifted by the message and the sincerity of Angelika Selle’s answers.”

“It was a weekend full of action and our UC Columbus community was able to accomplish a lot,” said UC Columbus Pastor, Rev. Frank Sanchez. “With this new start in our local WFWP chapter, the spirit of our True Mother will be more substantially manifested in our community.”

The past work of WFWP chairwomen in Ohio leaves a solid legacy for the continued work of peace and empowerment of women as well as men, children and youth. Led directly by the example of True Mother, there was a sense of new beginning and excitement to work in an entirely new way using the Leadership of the Heart paradigm which was so well presented that day.