USA: IW Nurtures Tribal Messiahship Opportunities





This October, Tribal Messiahship has been alive and well among Unificationist families in the Portland, Oregon area, according to IW Larry Krishnek, who visited families in the region over the past few weeks and will continue to travel through the Pacific Northwest for the remainder of this month.

Based on Rev. Krishnek’s conversations with the community, he found that many of the elder Unificationists in Portland have recently been able to dedicate more of their time to witnessing, as many are retired and have incorporated active outreach into their weekly schedules. Whether it be meeting people on college campuses or sharing True Parents’ teachings with family, friends, and acquaintances, they engage in meaningful conversation with anyone God puts before them.

Over the years, the church in Portland has been fortunate to see many improvements. Because of skilled Unificationists who are happy to invest their time in improving the church for the Portland community, the building has seen improvements such as a new roof, soundproof windows, and a lovely patio built next to a new playground.

Rev. Krishnek is eager to find opportunity and promise for Tribal Messiahship in the areas he visits this month, as he connects with local families, hears their hopes and concerns, and encourages Unificationists in pursuing their passions and goals.

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