UN International Day of Peace in Pakistan


By UPF Pakistan, Mr. Binod Paudel

We held the youth seminar on peace at ADARSH Organization office Mirpurkhas on September 24, 2016. And participates came from different district in Pakistan such as Umerkot, Sanghar, Tando Allahyar, and Mirpurkhas of Division Mirpurkhas Sindh.

This Seminar Organized by Universal Peace Foundation (UPF) and collaborate with ADARSH Local NGO at ADARSH Organization Office with the theme “The Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace.”

As we know peace is so need in this world today’s world because it is the main and the only way to brotherhood, and the only solution to all the problems in regards to human relationship, such as religious abuse in humanitarian, where people see each other in dirty eyes or look in doubt and so on.


During the seminar President of Bheel Intellectual Forum (BIF) Mr. Sabhago Mal bheel said as we are living at the age of internet which made communication among humanity so easy, every person is looking for love and peace so deeply but due to some selfish opportunist people, there is no condition for peace in this beautiful world. We should know that we are all brothers to each other and so we should end to hate each other and choose the way of peace in our human relationship.

From district Umerkot teacher (PST) Mr. Amarchand said that we are most grateful to Universal Peace Federation to hold this great seminar on Peace and to give me chance to speak here. Mr. Amarchad said that agenda of peace is a real need of every human being.

Engineer Mr. Kishore kumar said that our leaders should think about human condition and response to everyone’s need such as education, human rights and health care in equality for all. Then there will be the possibility for peace. But till now our leaders failed in doing so, they even do not think about it.

From District Tando Allahyar Mr. Hassan Hingoro said that we are Muslim, Hindu and Christen brothers for each other, We are all one in God’s eyes, and every religion is giving us the message of peace, that is why we must need live together like brothers, so that we can make sure peace remains forever.

Social Activist Ms. Radha Kumari Bheel said recently Province Assembly of Sindh good bill has passed in which we can receive great benefits.


At the end of the seminar president of ADARSH Organization Mr. Sarwan Kumar Bheel said that ADARSH Organization is so grateful to Universal Peace Federation (UPF) for this seminar and he talked about UPF 5 peace principles and Founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Vision for World Peace. He said Father Moon gave us great lessons on peace and created the chance for the youth to be together from different district of Sindh, Homicides youth friends of different religions, talking with opportunities for peace among us and among all the religions in our world today and work together on keeping the peace. We should show to the world and our own religions, how to respect each other and live together for the benefit of all humanity. This is the way to stop hurting each other and spread peace and justice everywhere.

Today at this place we gathered here in a brotherhood, seems we are like a family. In facing any conspiracy bad behavior, situation, or evil laws, we need to try to look what we all need to be together as one maintaining the peace

At the end, Mr. Sarwan Kumar Bheel thanked all participates for attending the event.