True Parents’ News: Weekly Update

Peace TV weekly update October 22, 2016


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This week we cover:

  1. True Parents
    • Message to 2nd Generation Matched Couples
  2. Special Report
    • Launch of the South American chapter of IAPP
  3. Global News
    • Tribal Messiahship (Korea: Kim Chanho and Shin Hye Jeong’s Success in Tribal Messiah Blessing / Taiwan: Tribal Messiah Blessing / USA, Hawaii: Tribal Messiah Blessing / Ghana: Special Service to Welcome New Members / Japan: District 2, 29th Tribal Messiah Workshop)
    • Peace Projects (Sri Lanka: IAPP Inauguration / Cyprus: The 20th Annual Women’s Conference for Peace in the Middle East / Pakistan UPF: 5th RYS Project / Northeast Region’s WFWP: Global Women’s Peace Network / Australia: Oceania Peace Project (OPP) / Albania FFWPU: Service Project at an Orphanage / Kenya WFWP: Character Education and HIV AIDs Awareness Seminar)
    • Youth Projects (Brazil CARP & JUPS: 3rd Youth Culture Festival / Japan: Cheon Il Guk Youth Missionary Activity Report / USA: Career Networking Day and Mentorship Program Kickoff / The Philippines: Pure Love and Blessing Workshop)
    • Church News (62nd Commemoration service for Moon Yeongyu / Korea: Joint Service for Seoul, Gyeonggi Province, Incheon Region / One Korea Foundation receives the President’s Award / 6,000 Couple Blessing 34th Anniversary General Meeting / Russia: Hyo Jeong Blessed Children Education Center Dedication)