True Parents’ News: Weekly Update

Peace TV: October 15, 2016


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This week we cover:

  1. True Parents News
  • True Parents, True Family members at YongPyong and Harvesting Apples at Cheon Jeong Gung
  1. Special Report
  • Korea-Japan Cheon Il Guk Leaders Gathering
  • Inauguration of the Central America and the Caribbean IAPP Chapter
  1. Global News
  • Tribal Messiahship (Singapore: 6th Multicultural Family Peace Blessing / Taiwan: Tribal Messiah Blessing / Brazil: 2 day Blessing Preparation Seminar / Nigeria: Blessed Wives Workshop)
  • Peace Projects (Dominican Republic: 5th Global Women’s Peace Network (GWPN) Event / WFWP-Korea: Citizens, Dream of Unity / The 16th Korea-Japan Joint Memorial Ceremony for Patriotic Martyrs / Korea Religious Council: 3rd Religious Charter Seminar / UPF-Peru, UPF-Bolivia, USA, Las Vegas CARP: UN International day of Peace)
  • Youth Projects (Philippines: 4th International Youth Assembly / Philippines: 4th International Youth Assembly / Korea: 6th Dispatch of Cheon Il Guk Youth Missionaries)
  • Church News (HJ Cheonwon Special Gathering / Korea: Kangwon Regional Church Service to Commemorate True Father’s Seonghwa / WFWP Korea: 13th National Meeting for Chapter Presidents / West Africa Region: Parents’ Matching Workshop)