Taiwan: Volunteer Training Workshop


By FFWPU Taiwan

The middle of September is the beginning of the university campus, there are many 1st year freshmen, so it is the best time to witness to university students and all the churches were putting main force investing in the campus witnessing.

At present, the main strategy of witnessing to university students is “volunteer witnessing style”. We held a number of volunteer recruitment seminar, then find out the Abel type of students between them to participate in 1-2day “Volunteer training workshop”. Then we arrange them to do service projects, and to learn the growing courses centered on Divine Principle.


About 300 people of University students (mainly 1st year new students) joined in September’s volunteer recruitment seminar, and there had been 67 university students who had participated in the “Volunteer training workshop” before.

We held two Volunteer Training Workshops on 15th October in two locations: with 30 new guests at the new HQ building and with 11 new guests at the Tainan church. Many University students come from top universities like National Taiwan University, Taiwan University of Science and Technology and National Cheng Kung University. They have the heart of “live for the sake of others” or want to change themselves.


In order to achieve the best effect, we need one coach to accompany one student. So blessed families joined this witnessing project as well. Total 41 university students and 41 blessed families are all moved by this workshop through lectures on the principles of life, such as exploring the value of self, living for others and the interpersonal relationship with action of giving and taking, as well as “natural voice”, theater performance, team and experiential activities to enhance emotions and will Development.

It seems to have a good start, we hope 50 new university students can join church and then become regular members in the end of this semester (January 2017). We will try our best to reach the goal.