Spain: Special Grace Ceremony



By FFWPU Spain, Maryvonne Jamois

On September 18th, a great part of the Barcelona community gathered together with 4 families from Andorra to receive the Holy Wine ceremony and participate in a one-day special education before.

We were very honored with the presence of Elio and Brunhilde d´Alberti who came from Italy to participate also in this special day. We counted also with 4 families from Andorra for the Special Education who left very early in the morning to arrive on time in Barcelona.

We followed the same program than in Madrid, 3 lectures in the morning, one in the afternoon. We s hared lunch together in two different groups in restaurants nearby. To hear again about True Parents´ life and course for some of us, or to deepen this understanding for others , is always uplifting and helpful in our life of faith. At the end of the day, 16 families received the Holy Wine Ceremony and the Holy Items , all together 46 people.

Each one of us was so grateful for this wonderful day, and especially so grateful to our True Parents and our True Mother for this new opportunity given to us. We want to express our determination to really give joy to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents by becoming owners of Cheon Il Guk, who practice true love in our everyday life, giving love and joy to all the people around us.


Malaga and Seville

On September 25th, we organized for the families living in Málaga and Sevilla a one-day Special Education and Holy Wine ceremony to receive this Special Grace and Holy Items from True Parents. Even though we were a s mall group of four families we could feel how much Heavenly Parent and True Parents have the strong desire to reach each and every one of their children.

We had a special education as in Madrid and Barcelona, two lectures given directly by Miguel Angel Cano and Maryvonne Jamois and two videos from Miguel Calvis and Armando Lozano. Through the lectures we could understand a little bit better the significance of the ceremony and prepare ours elves for receiving the Holy Wine and Holy Items.

All the participants were very inspired and grateful for this beautiful day, full of grace and blessing. Thank you s o much to Our Heavenly Parent, our True Parents , and especially to our Beloved True Mother!