Spain: Heavenly Tribal Messiah



By FFWPU Spain, Pedro and Misuzu Muruzabal

The 24th of September, we organized a Japanese Culture Festival in a northern town of Madrid, Spain. Our family opened a culture center there one year ago called “Centro de la Armonía (Center of Harmony) “and some activities were held throughout the year. The purpose of this event was to invite the neighbors and let them know more about our center.

We had six sessions in this event, from morning to evening which included Origami, DIY Sushi, Tea ceremony, Calligraphy, Karate and Traditional dance & How to wear a Kimono. We invited some specialists so people could experience the authentic spirit of Japan.

Many people came and enjoyed these new experiences. Surprisingly, the Mayor, the Deputy mayor and the Chief of Culture of the town visited us and tasted some of our treats. As the officiator of the tea ceremony expressed, “Understanding another culture develops the culture of peace and gives us good energy and meaning to life”.

All the family, three generations, worked together and we are very grateful to everybody who helped us to make this happen. Through this kind of event, we hope that we can find the way to reach to the people and to serve the community.