Slovakia : Hiking Experience in Honor of Emilie Steberl


By FFWPU Slovakia, Milos Klas

Many members of our region visited the village of our first missionary Emilie Steberl. And this time on Spember 27, it was the third time that we commemorated her birthday by visiting Sv. Jur which she had to leave together with her relatives in 1945.

This year we went to the nearby Sur Nature Reserve where Emilie and the first members gathered in 1969 or 1970 (see below pictures ) for reading and learning. The expansive wetland is a real wilderness where it is easy to hide from the police or to get lost crossing the jungle.

slo-anni-2 slo-anni-1

Thanks heaven, the weather was sunny and warm. Families walked from the train station to the nature reserve where we held our Sunday service at one lake. Instead of giving a sermon, Milos Klas translated letters written in German which Emilie had sent to Paul Werner in 1968 and 1969.

She reported in detail about her experiences with life in a communist society, and her witnessing to students. Especially the interesting points were the details on how she cared for Alzbeta Daniskova, who became the church leader after Emilie could not return to Czechoslovakia anymore.

After the service we shared lunch and a few brave members explored the heart of the wilderness on a small trail.