Romania: Love between Man and Woman! Time to think about



By FFWPU Romania

We organized Open Purity Education Event with a joyful spirit on September 20, 2016. The purpose of this program was to share about ‘Absolute Sex’ for all kind of people. Specially ‘How important prepare for future family’,‘Importance of Sexual Purity’ and ‘What is the difference between True Love and False Love’.

This program started with introducing each other. And lecturer asked participates to say in one word ‘What is love’ for them. It was interesting moment because all of us had similar opinions about Love.

First activity was making a ‘Gift list’ for future spouse. This was a list of what one can give internally and externally to his/her future spouse. All of participants were thinking deeply in order to find out what they can give to their future spouse. And afterwards we made two teams and to talk about the ‘Gift List’. It was very deep experience for all the participants to see clearly their situation if they are ready to have partner or not. Because we all need preparation before meeting our partners. Lecturer encouraged participants to add more in the future what they can give for future spouse.


Program continued with a presentation about differences between man and woman, true love which is the only solution to overcome the differences and bring harmony and unity. The lecturer explained clearly about what is True Love and what is not so that the participants could understand how they need to prepare themselves for their future partner.

In the end we made interesting experiment with chocolate. Each participant received one chocolate bar which packed very nicely. We also made pair and asked one side to eat a piece of their chocolate and put it back in its package. Then we asked all the participants to exchange their chocolate as presents to each other and share their feelings as well. Those who received chocolate which was packed nicely, were happy. But those who received chocolate which part of it was eaten by someone, couldn’t feel happy.

In this experiment the chocolate represents our love towards future spouse. If you use your love because of a very emotions moment or mood or for any reason, must remember that it will never be the same as it was at the beginning. It really important to keep your love pure and completed like the chocolate bar which packed very nicely. We wish this program bring new wind of True Love for Romania young people and help them to create ideal family in the future.