Romania: “Let’s Do it Romania!” Service Project



By CARP Romania

On the September 24th, 2016, we participated in a national cleaning day together with “Let’s do it, Romania” team. This service project is organized every year all across the country and invites people of all ages to actively involved in cleaning and protecting the environment. The purpose of the activity was to educate and bring awareness to the people about the responsibility we need to take towards the Creation as True Owners of all things.

The “Let’s do it, Romania” team provided us with gloves and trash bags and Carp team chose Plumbuita park as the location of our mission. Nine people participated from Romania CARP. Together we showed example for the people in the park on how we should care about our surroundings. We positively influenced people present in the park as we poured out our best effort to restore the park to its original state.

The participants have proved their determination in the most difficult areas to clean, they practiced self-denial and sacrificial heart in order to bring order and harmony in our surroundings.


In teams we discussed about our human portion of responsibility towards the Creation. The meaning of true ownership is caring and protecting all things that God has left for us.

The activity itself proved to be an important lesson especially for the involved members as we remembered that change must start in ourselves first. The team atmosphere was joyful, everyone was serious about the given responsibility and the main focus was to concentrate on fulfilling our portion of responsibility regarding what was before us and what will come after us.

The project was a success. We could bring internal and external victory for God and True Parents.