Romania: Friday Open HoonDokHae Discussion



By CARP Romania

On the 30th of September 2016, Romania CARP organized the weekly Open HDH meeting. This week discussion topic was: “Friends – the family we choose”. The idea that we wanted to transmit was that people around us, our friends, are our second family, the family we choose, and we should widen the concept that we have about family, so we can include other people also.

To understand better this idea, we separated in 4 teams and read a material that emphasized this idea: “As we cultivate our relationship with another person—a friend or family member, over time we connect a part of our life to that person’s life and connect emotionally. What may have begun as a professional or formal relationship expands to fill more aspects of our life. Our friend’s presence grows ever larger in our heart, and in time he or she becomes someone whom we cannot live without. “

The discussions in the teams where interesting and our guests enjoyed to find more about each other and the relationship they have with their friends and family.

After everybody shared his opinion with the other members of the team we gathered together for the conclusions. Each team presented what they discussed.


The representing of the first team was very inspired about what he heard from the members from the team and as a conclusion for them was that we should have a balance between friends and family.

Second team representative said we can learn a lot from each other and that family environment is wherever you chose to be, or where you are creating him. Also, she learned from her experiences with her siblings how to take care of others and how to share with others and she tries to apply this in relationship with friends.

Third team emphasized that we can learn from relationships with our siblings and we can apply in our friendships things like: patience, empathy, giving to others, acceptance. Also, they said that in this type of relationships is important to have experiences together, not to judge and to be open.

Last team pointed out that is a difference of personality between people that have siblings and those we don’t. Also, they said that depending on the position they had in family (elder sibling or younger sibling) you can learn different things.

The discussion inspired everybody and we hope that our gest will try to treat people around them as family. We received a good feedback and the guests said they will return to the center with other occasions.

Thank you so much Heavenly Parent and True Parents!