Romania: A Message for Young People



By FFWPU Romania

Our Regional President Rev. Jack Corley visited as the representative of True Parents and It was absolutely blessing for Romania community.

The first meeting which started our three days of visiting was the Sunday Service. We started singing to prepare our hearts. We were all anxious to receive Rev. Corley. We invited the CARP members together with Blessed families and SES (Shimjung Education System) members. Rev. Corley gave his speech specially messages for young members. He started to speak about his childhood and family background. Then he told us the background of meeting the Movement and shared about life of faith attitude and purpose. The main message was that our life should be a life where we can perfect love. We should make our life the best gift for Heavenly Parent. We must stay alive, be alive in order to enter spirit world. Heavenly Parent want for us to have a family of love.

Rev. Corley was happy and making the audience to feel joy too. We think that each one received inspiration message for his life of faith.

The second meeting was in the Peace Center (JeonDo Center). This meeting was for fulltime members who are doing JeonDo mainly in Romania. In this meeting Rev. Corley was sharing about his Jeondo experience in Russia. That his spiritual father waited for him even was raining outside. He told us to be enthuses about our activities. Also we asked question for Rev. Corley about JeonDo activities and life of faith. One question was how to raise up CARP members? Another question was How to create good relations as brothers and sisters? And He gave us clear answers for each question from our members. We all could feel his love and sincere encouragement for Romania JeonDo activities.


In the last day before leaving Romania, he shared with us very precious experiences with True Parents. It was small meeting but still he shared his experiences with full of spirit and sincerity. We are here in Romania far from Korean which is True Parents country. We never know if we can meet directly True Parents or not in our life even though we wish so. But through his experiences we could feel True Parents closer to us and we could feel more connected to True Parents heart. We all could feel that even we are far from where is True Parents but we can be next each other when we are spiritually and heartistically connected to them.

This period was the wind of inspirations and blessings, the shower of Heavenly Parents and True Parents Love. We all could feel the strong desire to offer greater joy and hope for Heavenly Parent and True Parents. It was right time and right moment to receive the inspiration and guidance for our life of faith. We will keep our high spirit and bring victory in Romania providence!

Thank you so much Heavenly Parents and True Parents.