Portugal: Special Grace Bestowed through the Four Great Items of Cheon Il Guk and Holy Wine Ceremony


By FFWPU Portugal, Sérgio Neto

We had a two-day workshop, on October 22 and 23rd, 2016 at our headquarters in Lisbon, Barcarena, and about 80 members and blessed families participated. This was a chance for all the members to receive the grace of the Four Great items and participate at the Holy wine ceremony. It was a divine grace that True Parents bestow to all of us.

In a hopeful environment and new resolve all participants took advantage of the various educational conferences, videos and Hoon Dok Hwe about True Parents life and works and our responsibility, to repent and promise to become masters of Cheon Il Guk and loyal representatives of our True Parents.

After two-day education, all the families who completed the devotion conditions could leave their mistakes back on their confession and then immediately we conduct a ceremony of burning devote the future to our Heavenly Father and receive the special grace of the holy wine as renewed families.

At the end we completed this ceremony on October 26 and Portuguese families received the Four Great Items of Cheon Il Guk. We will continue this program for those members and families who did not participate, so that all the blessed families can receive the holy items until the foundation day 2017.