Philippines: 3-day Pure Love and Blessing Workshop


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By FFWPU Philippines


A Pure love and Blessing Workshop with a theme ‘Descendants’ Lineage’ concluded last October 2, 2016 at FFWPU-Philippine HQ. 35 2nd Generations across the Philippine archipelago attended the 3-Day workshop that began last September 30, 2016. This was organized by the National Blessed Children Committee – Philippines (NBCC) in partnership with Blessed Family Department.

The workshop was filled with laughter, excitement, tears, joy and realizations. It was one of the historical events in the Blessed Children Philippines (BC Ph) providence as this is the 3rd Pure Love and Blessing Workshop (PLBW) and the first ever PLBW organized by the Philippine Elder Blessed Children. On the first day of the workshop, the participants were welcomed by Mr. Victor Rabaño, NBCC President. This was followed by fun-filled activities that helped them in opening their hearts to other Blessed Children. The night concluded with a closing prayer and unison prayer.

The second day of the workshop continued with educational contents given by Mr. Richell Jalipa, Witnessing and Education – Asia Director, Ms. Yie Sun Vergara, NBCC Vice President-Internal, and Mrs. Dulce Buyayo, Philippine Blessed Family Department Director. The participants were able to learn the devastating results of the fall and were encouraged to start the change within themselves through the lectures of Director Richell Jalipa on Pure Love and Family Tree. In the afternoon, they were able hear a matching testimony from one of the Elder Blessed Children, Ms. Yie Sun Vergara. This was followed by a lecture by Dir. Dulce Buyayo about the Parents Matching and its Process. Through their group reflections, they were able to share their hearts to each other about their realizations of the meaning of the Blessing, the importance of purity, their need to keep God’s lineage, and their conviction to live a God-centered way of life. To sum the day up, Mr. Kuk Kang Gem Custodio, CARP-Cavite Adviser and NBCC Officer, gave an eye-opening message and testimony to the participants on how they have to forget living selfishly and start to contribute for God’s providence. Many of the participants shed tears through the activity he facilitated on the second day of the workshop.

Throughout the 3-day workshop, Dr. Julius Malicdem, National Leader and Cheon-il Guk Special Envoy to the Philippines, directly gave guidance to the 2nd generation about the Four Great Realms of Heart during the daily Hoon-Dok Hae. Many of them were enlightened and realized great insights about the stages of heart and practice the true way of love in their daily lives.

The participants also facilitated the Unified Sunday Service held at the FFWPU Philippine Headquarters on the first Sunday of the month. This was then followed by their graduation wherein they made an oath with a pure love pledge to abstain themselves from sexual activities before marriage and hold the standard of receiving the Holy Marriage Blessing.

The Pure Love and Blessing Workshop made a deep impact to the participants in maintaining a God-centered way of life and in preparing themselves for maturity before receiving the Blessing.



  1. “I’ve been hearing those words (matching and Blessing) all over again and to be honest I didn’t give so much attention as if I still have more time to focus on other things such as my studies and fulfilling my other goals in life but what I didn’t understand is that my ultimate goal should be matched and blessed and how can I be a good wife and good mother to my future family. The lecture earlier inspired me a lot to offer myself for public mission in preparation for my future spouse. True love is about sacrifice, making oneself a complete offering to God and True Parents.”
  2. “I realized how important the blessing is because it is where you and your spouse resemble God’s dual characteristics. I realized that receiving the blessing is not just for yourself but for your spouse, your children and your future descendants. So, as a 2nd generation, we already have God’s lineage and we must also think for the future generations by keeping our purity and fulfilling our portion of responsibility. I’m very grateful and happy that I have attended this workshop. It really made me realize the value of being a 2nd gen and the importance of the Blessing.”
  3. “I would like to thank first the elder second generation who really exert their time and effort to conduct this kind of workshop and also for our blessed families who gave time to us, share their experiences and gave us lectures. I’m so thankful that I joined this kind of workshop because before I have no time due to my schedules but now I am encouraged and motivated to attend these kind of workshops that I may be reminded of my responsibility and identity as a second generation.”
  4. “This workshop really is a very awaking reminder for our fellow BCs and tonight, I felt the heart of my brothers and sisters experiencing struggles in life. But no matter how big the problem we have, as long as we have our faith to True Parents, we can be able to withstand everything. It’s been a very nice experience to have our fellow second generation become open like what we’ve heard from them tonight. I’m looking forward for more gatherings so that we could be able to share more each other’s heart.”
  5. “The second day of the workshop was quite emotional. What really hit me hard was what one of our elder brothers shared. Every word he said, every sentence he spoke, matched my experience. Through this, it opened my mind once again and reminded me of things that I need to change within myself. It was a refreshing reminder for me. I too had a life-changing experience and come to realize the true identity I have, and since then I am doing my best centering more on God. Thank you very much.”