Peace Road 2016 in Denmark


By UPF Denmark, Karsten Nielsen


The PEACE ROAD 2016 event in Denmark took place September 26th in the capitol of Copenhagen. It was arranged by UPF with 25 people attending. This year it was arranged as an afternoon city walk in the Historical Center, starting from the Parliament and ending at a newly build pedestrian bridge over the harbor named “Inderhavnsbroen”.

The tour led by a UPF “Peace guide” and arranged to pass 10 buildings/monuments on the route, that each represent important “building blocks for Peace”. The purpose was to connect to the same topic of the UN Peace Day a few days earlier, September 21st, where the “17 goals for sustainable development towards 2030” were presented as “The 17 building blocks for peace”. At each of the 10 buildings/monuments the guide would explain how it is an important building block for peace. For example, the parliament represents goal no. 16 “Justice and strong institutions”. It could also make clear the importance of building the International Peace Highway in order to realize the 17 UN goals.

At the statue of the famous Danish existentialist philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, the 17 UN goals was read out, but also respectfully challenged with some philosophical reflections:

3 important goals and building blocks for peace, that Kierkegaard´s ideas of “The 4 stages of spiritual development” supports, are the personal character development; strengthening of families, and interfaith cooperation. These 3 goals are missing among the 17 and should be added to make a total of “20 UN goals”, since these 3 themselves are the basis to realize the other 17. It underlines the importance of the ideas and work of NGO´s like UPF to help UN to fulfill these goals.

To conclude the Peace Road 2016 refreshments were offered, next to the bridge “Inderhavnsbroen”, opening of for a deep sharing about how to build peace-bridges.