Peace Road 2016 in Costa Rica



By UPF Costa Rica


ILC and Peace Road

During the International Leadership Conference UPF ILC Costa Rica 2016, we held the Peace Road event on October 7th, 2016 which was very well attended with enthusiastic support and encouragement from ILC participants as well as many Central America and the Caribbean Members of Parliament.

Dr. Kim Sang Suek, UPF Regional President, spoke and two parliamentarians from Nicaragua and Dominican Republic. Both of them have participated in the launching of “Peace Road 2016” one in Korea and the other at Dominican Republic, they shared their experiences and emphasized the importance of this great initiative. The program was brief but it was something that everyone enjoyed. It took place in the main conference hall of the hotel so it was convenient for all participants to join. The title of Peace Road was “One Global Family United to Realize On Dream”.

Most of participants were very inspired by the idea of Peace Road. Few of them testify how its maybe to ride bicycle for peace move. Few of them want to do peace bike tour in their fields once they go back home.



Peace Road in Costa Rica

Peace Road 2016 in the Costa Rica was hold from Barrio la California in front of the National Assembly to La Sanaba Park in October 22th with the theme “One Global Family United to Realize One Dream”.

With the participation of 90 bike riders from different fields, we began in the Heroes monument, a historical place in San Jose. And a reporter from La Nación the most important media groups in Costa Rica came to cover the event.

The idea of “Peace Road” or an international highway that physically connects all people of the world was the enduring vision of the founder of the Family Federation, the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon and will be our focus making this event

Peace Road Costa Rica 2016 share the ideal of a Peace Road cyclist making peace and keeping peacealive by driving the Peace Road.

Public bike-riding events were planned and executed for UPF leaders, FFWPU leaders and members from San José, Heredia, Alajuela y Cartago. The FFWPU President and National leader of Costa Rica Mr. Oscar Mario Barquero received the Peace Road Flag from Central America HQ.

This time three bicycle Club of Costa Rica joined us, which was like a dream and very meaningful. We hope that the Peace Road grows every year more and more and as it goes on more people joining us to make the idea into a real Peace Road.