Peace Road 2016 in Austria


By FFWPU Austria

The Peace Road event started on September 24, 2016 in Linz with the interreligious breakfast event. We invited guests and talked together about peace. What the meaning of peace is and how it connects to the importance to feel safe and secure. After a two and a half hour talk and discussions we moved on to the peace road event. All the people who wanted to participate gathered together to cycle from Linz, the city of peace, to the third oldest city in Austria Eferding, where Christians fought against each other in the past, because of the reformation.

We started with eight people, to cover the distance of 30km by bike.

The whole travel went on with a bright spirit where we could not only ride for peace, but also talk and share with each other.

We bicycled all the way along the Danube, a river that connects many different cultures and cities, including four capital cities in Europe.

Riding along a river (a road made by God to connect people from all around Europe), from one city to another, was a great project for our peace road event. The way leaded us along a bicycle road where we could meet lot of people. We really got the feeling that people could recognize us as people who ride for peace. They of course didn’t know what peace road was about, but the smile that they gave us, when they saw us, showed us that from the heart they want to support peace.

After a two and a half hour drive we arrived in the center of Eferding where we shared our experiences with brothers and sister who came there to welcome us.

In Eferding a group of brothers who wanted to give even more, decided to ride the whole tour back again to promote even more for peace road.

In the end six participants traveled 30 km and four traveled 60 km for peace road 2016 in Austria.