Nigeria: Three Days Blessed Wives Workshop


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By FFWPU Nigeria, George M. Ogurie

A 3-Day Workshop for Blessed Wives was held 23-25 September 2016 at the Worship/Training Centre, Oko-Oba, Agege, Lagos, under the auspices of the Blessed Family Education Department. Twenty seven participants and five staff completed the workshop whose theme was – “Empowering Mothers for Vision 2020.” Members traveled from Abuja, Akwa Ibom, Ogun and Rivers States to attend.

Right after the first presentation by Blessed Family Education Director Rev Sunday Uke, titled “The Model Wife in the Bible” and the discussion that followed, it became obvious that there are a lot of issues with our Blessed Families. The sisters felt strongly that their husbands also needed the workshop very much. Many Blessed Families are struggling in their relationships, and the impression at the outset is that it is mostly the fault of the men.

However, as the workshop progressed and as participants realized the amount investment True Parents have made over the years in educating sisters in Eve position, the truth in the statement “educate the woman and you have educated the nation” became quite clear.

Participants were given an exercise to research on the lives of providential heroines such as Sarah (wife of Abraham) and report on their findings. Presentations on the Dynamics of Mother-Child Cooperation, the Wife Pastor and the Pastor’s Wife drove the point home that the role of the Blessed Wife goes far beyond the confines of her home. The presentation of the True Mother’s Life Course and the Role of Blessed Wives in Tribal Messiahship by Mrs. Margaret Kikunda exposed the sisters to the reality that we are living in the era of women leadership and that fulfillment of Vision 2020 requires women to be in the front-line.

There was ample discussion within three groups to digest the content of presentations.


At the end, participants arrived at the following resolutions and recommendations:

  1. It was noted that indeed all Blessed Wives should attend the workshop and receive this content. Therefore a similar workshop should be held in Abuja and somewhere in the East for the benefit of those who could not come to Lagos. This should be done by the end of October 2016.
  2. There is no reason why this content cannot be presented to a wider audience. Therefore, as a strategy for follow-up on the Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing so far done, a National Blessed Wives Convention should be planned and executed in a year’s time. The goal is to gather four thousand women for a National Convention. The target should be women who have received the Blessing through the HTM Blessing. There is already more than four thousands of them nationwide.

A committee was therefore setup to develop a proposal and plan on how to accomplish this convention in a year’s time. The committee is headed by Esther Irabor, assisted by Comfort Thompson.

All participants made commitment to join a national condition of reading Exposition of the Divine Principle (red part) for 100 times within 50 days in order to gain the necessary spiritual power for front-line mission.


The following are excerpts of representative reflections:

Mrs. Kessy Enuah: I have always blamed my husband for our problems. But through this workshop I can see my responsibility as a wife more clearly.

Mrs. Angela Umeojiego: I have been shying away from public responsibility. But now I feel like coming out of my shell.

Mrs. Esther Irabor: I have an experience of recent in which God saved me from a very dangerous situation and my life was spared. I felt strongly that God allowed to me escape that incident due to my status as a Blessed wife. This workshop has reinforced my commitment to live a public life for Heavenly Parent and True Parent.