Myanmar: The First ALT Youth Education and Service


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By YFWP Myanmar

YFWP Myanmar welcomed Asian leadership training (ALT) youth to co-host the youth education and service program in Yangon, Myanmar. 18 ALT student members joined hands with 18 Myanmar students to visit the orphanage home for 1 day service to show their love and care by playing, singing and having lunch with them.

The orphanage children were so touched and moved by our youth and at the end the head of the orphanage home said we are the only group that made the children were so happy.

The next day also we held a seminar on youth of the future leader for both ALT students and Myanmar students and at the closing, all students wrote their reflections with great response that Myanmar students learned the ideal of living their for the sake of others. We thank you to Dr Yong, ALT Thailand for their support.

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