Kenya: Leadership Workshop



By YFWP Kenya

We held 2-day workshop on October 17 and 18th, 2016 at our Peace House in Nirobi with the theme “Love God, love People, Love Nation.”

Participation included 24 community leaders of diverse background, representing the various constituencies within Nairobi County.

The workshop focused on the teachings of Divine Principle and Universal Principles and Practices for lasting peace. This was highly appreciated by the participants thus requested for further teaching of the same. It was unanimously agreed by participants that this is the relevant message that needs to be shared with our communities especially now as Kenya prepares for upcoming general election to ensure that Kenyans coexist in true peace and love in cognizant that we are children of a common Parent- God.

The participants agreed to have a continuation of the sessions through the whole series of the 16 chapters of the Divine Principle.



  • “A great idea, a noble journey, we should have more workshops and the message should be spread all over in the grass roots”
  • “Great, God sent prophetic Peace crusader”
  • “I heard about Father Moon in my late teen, though strange his thoughts seemed, his objective were noble”
  • “We should focus on administering God’s love through values which are God centered.