Italy: The Monza Prayer for Peace – Twelfth Edition


By UPF Italy, Franco Ravagioli

All religions united in prayer for peace: the evening of Wednesday, September 21 in front of the Town Hall of Monza, a fire of hope has returned to burn, thanks to interfaith vigil for peace, promoted by the Universal Peace Federation to mark the International Day for Peace convened by the United Nations.

Aware, as recalled by Carlo Chierico, Monza UPF chapter, we do not have the power to end the conflict but at least to become aware of the value of prayer together as spiritual support and for a different approach to life.

The prayer vigil was attended by the Vice-Mayor of Monza, Cherubina Bertola, who underlined the sense of the presence of the institutions in a religious vigil for peace: those who administer the city can only send messages of social cohesion. This year has also noticed the presence of some volunteers of the “City of Angels”.

Only peace, and never the war can be “holy”, these are the words of Pope Francis with which he made his debut Giorgio Del Zanna, followed by Sr. Marilena of the Misericordine nuns order.

Poignant testimonies of two young Muslim: Dalia, Egyptian girl at Monza with the family, who thanked the Catholic community for the help, giving back her volunteer activities, and Toure, a young Senegalese, expressing faith as aid to feel, even if with a different skin color, children of the same God.


“Actions are what really matters, before every meditation and the word” said the Buddhist monk Caesar, and according to the master Amadio Bianchi “society can, by looking at its best ideals, work at a universal brotherhood project.”

Speakers included Maria Grazia Robbiati and Ester Galli; Gian Mario Zoadelli (Templar), Renato Vallone (Unification movement), and WeWe, Burma, in the words of Aung San Suu Kyi. All with inspiring musical moments, thanks to the South American chorus of Monza and two evangelical pastors: Sammy and Daniel.

According to Hector Fiorina, Upf Monza: “In the Torah we read that to begin a prayer is necessary that there are at least ten adults, because prayer makes sense in a community, just like tonight. Seeing so much in the human strength, I like to think that the Creator himself is amazed that he had given life to creatures so strong. ”

According to Father Alberto of the Catholic missionaries’ order of ‘Padri Bianchi’ (White Fathers): “This evening we gathered not in our temples, churches or synagogues, but in a square, the place of all. Every day we can come and say hello to each other in our own languages. I invite Christian women to greet Muslim women saying Salam alaykum “. It can be a step towards the other.

Carlo Chierico also closed by quoting the founder of UPF, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, ascended to Heaven 4 years ago, whose peacekeeping mission is carried out by his wife Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.