Italy: Cooperation for Peace, Dignity for Everyone



By FFWPU Italy, Giuseppe Cali

On October 1st, 2016, we held a one-day conference in Rome, in our Peace Embassy of Colle Mattia. The program was organized in two parts: from 9:30 am to 1 pm, a session on “Economic models and human dignity”, followed after lunch by a second session on “Peace and cooperation among religions”, from 2:30 pm to 6 pm.

Around 65 participants attended the program. Among them one member of the Italian Parliament, Hon. Eleonora Bechis, that attended already the conference in London for the establishment of the European chapter of the Association of Parliamentarians for Peace and the conference in the Italian parliament that on September 13th was held by UPF and WFWP. Among the other participants, one Jesuit priest, heads of NGO, university professors, religious leaders and professionals.


The morning session was opened by Giuseppe Calì, that presented the Vision of UPF and introduced the topic on “Economy and value system”, followed by Dr. Maria Grazia De Angelis, President of AISLO a prominent organization for managers and businessman, that spoke on the shortcomings of the present economic system and introduced few elements of a possible new economic model. Prof. Cavallaro, psychologist, economist and political scientist, introduced a model of economic success in developing countries. Concluding the morning session, Prof. Bartolini, quite famous professor at Siena University, exposed the core reasons for the crisis humankind in the western world is going through, providing new solutions for economic and social development.

As the last part of the morning session, we explained the “Peace Road” worldwide project and especially the need of a 5th UN office in Korea. The explanation was very well received and everybody expressed the desire to support this initiative. We took a picture with the “peace Road” banner, to participate in this important effort for peace in Korea and in the world.


After a nice lunch, offered in our facility of Colle Mattia, the afternoon session, moderated by Raffaella Di Marzio, expert on Psychology of Religions and member of the board of “Human Rights without frontiers”, was opened by Elisabetta Nistri Calì, President of WFWP Italy, that introduced the women perspective on Peace and Carlo Zonato, President of UPF Italy, that introduced the vision of UPF, especially focusing on cooperation among faiths. Following, Lady Dr. Dora Bognandi, President of the federation of Protestant women and active nationally on the religious dialogue, explained the role of women in the building of a peace environment in the religious realm. Bernadette Fraioli, coordinator of “Incontri” project for refugees, spoke about the religious confrontation arising due to the strong wave of immigration in Italy and possible solutions she is experiencing daily, working actively in this field. Finally, Don Luigi, a Jesuit priest, spoke on the necessity for people today to discover the spirituality in the faith of other people and cultures. “The true religion nowadays is interreligious” he said “no religion can anymore claim its superiority in front of the others, but we should learn and teach to the new generations how to embrace each other with brotherly love”. It was particularly meaningful to hear that from a Catholic priest, showing that a wave of renewal and openness is spreading in the Catholic Church, thanks also to the new Pope Francis. Don Luigi, works hard, actually, to support spiritually all refugees that come from many cultures and different religions.


In conclusion, we can definitely say that this new step in the Italian Providence that recently started, is confirmed. Amazingly, after the Foundation Day and most recently with the Grace and forgiveness ceremony that we attended already almost entirely, Heaven is looking at us here in the Italian Unification movement, made by simple but faithful members of True Parents’ family, with much love and renewed trust. 2020 is close and we want to take advantage of this new spiritual wave, to prepare and contribute for the new world to come.

Thanks God and True Parents’ Grace.