International Day of Peace in Congo Brazzaville


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BY UPF Congo Brazzaville, Clement TSANA


After the peace prayer offered by the Archbishop DIKA Emmanuel, the Vice Chairman, Dr Julien Francis MOUFONDA gives the opening remark. The message of UN Secretary General was read by Mr. Florent NZIENGUI KOUMBA, AP and General Director MNTV.

It was a best moment to do publicly the report of the both ILC held in Korea and in BURKINA FASO in last august. Concerning the ILC in Korea, Mr Cyrille EHINI demonstrated how UPF is able to gather different kind personalities involved in peace actions. He focused his speech on True Parents’ Birthday, the different sessions of the ILC, the launch of the international Federation of Parliamentarians, the Peace Road and the presentation of Little Angels.


About the ILC held in Burkina Faso, West Africa Region, the report was given by Mr. Barthelemy OKIMI, national president of Peace Council. He mentioned the level of participants to this ILC. He positively appreciated the initiative to create the International Federation of Parliamentarians. This kind of organization brings unity among parliamentarians throughout the world. The accent was put on the role of Congolese National Assembly to mobilize parliamentarians and bring this vision in national level.

The UPF message upon this day was delivered by the Secretary General of UPF Congo, Mr. CLEMENT TSANA.

Before appointing the new Ambassadors for Peace, the songs of peace were sang by the chorale of second generation and Jacob children under Miss JAPYEONG THSIBANDA. The songs moved assistance and people were very excited.


The Award ceremony was the last and emotional time. The MC, Mr. Dieudonné Anselme TIELE-GAMBIA, call all the awarded persons one by one. The first person was Dr. Rosalie MATONDO, Minister of forest Economy, Lasting Development and Environment. The second person was Mrs. Nefer Bertille Ines IGANI, Minister of Women. The third person was Mrs. Destinée Hermella DOUKAGA, Minister of Youth and Civic Education. The fourth was Mrs. NORMA MERCEDE BORGES R., extraordinary and plenipotentiary Ambassador of Rep. of Venezuela in CONGO. There were 8 persons that will be appointed Ambassador for Peace. Among them, 5 women and 3 men. All of them pledge publicly to be involved in UPF activities and to leave for the sake of others.



  • The Ambassador of Venezuela was very happy to be appointed as AP. She understood how UPF is a global alliance. She appreciated the hard work done by UPF in the world.
  • A professor of national university was surprised by UPF teaching. By knowing that our Secretary General of FFWPU is member of UPF, He encouraged him.
  • Many persons expressed their strong desire to become Ambassadors for Peace.