Indonesia: National Tour 2016 – Building Harmonies Families



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By UPF Indonesia

UPF Indonesia successfully completed the 2nd leg of the National Tour leading us to the island of Sumatra in the far West of the country this time.


The third program of the UPF Indonesia National Tour 2016 on the theme “Building Harmonious Families-Our Shared Responsibility” was held at Lampung University organized by our Ambassador for Peace Mr. Andy Corry Wardhani, Head of the Postgraduate Studies in Communication Science of the university. Over 200 students and faculty member assembled in the library auditorium in the early morning of Oct. 12. The student MCs greeted the audience in perfect English. After a traditional welcome dance by students, Mr. Andy Corry gave a warm welcome to everyone on behalf of the university. The moderator introduced the three panelists: First, Dr. Tina Kartika, M.Pd explained the family problems from a sociological view, then Mr. Alfred Forno introduced the vision, mission and activities of UPF in Indonesia. Mrs. Ursula McLackland presented the keynote speech on the UPF principles of peace (public-mindedness and a life of sexual purity) which stimulated the participants to ask many important questions on how to apply these principles in their daily lives. One girl student particularly thanked UPF for guiding her correctly in this important stage in life. Then two students led all participants in the Pledge of Purity.

After the presentation of Ambassador for Peace awards, the Dean of the Faculty for Social and Political Sciences, Lampung University, Mr. Agus Hadiawan, presented Mrs. McLackland with a token of appreciation symbolizing their province. Even after the official end of the seminar, many participants stayed on for personal interaction with the UPF team. We agreed to organize further joint programs with university.

On the way back to the airport, we passed the Holy Ground, said a prayer of thanks and buried the new Holy Earth there.


Medan, North Sumatra, (October 14-16 , 2016)

Dr. Meisuri, Ambassador for Peace and professor of English Literature at the University of Medan (Unimed), took on the responsibility to organize the fourth program of the National Tour at her university. As the university understands itself as a character-building university and has a vision very close to UPF’s vision and mission, we have closely collaborated in several previous events. This time, we took the opportunity to sign an MOU for continuous cooperation.

The program was held at the auditorium of the Digital Library, only 2 universities in Indonesia have such an advanced library system. The Emcees, Jikti Khairina and Fauziah Riyan, both Unimed students, gracefully conducted the seminar. Students of the Department for Languages and Culture performed a beautiful welcome dance and entertained the audience of over 200 students and teachers coming from 3 different institutions with soul-stirring songs at different intervals throughout the seminar.

On behalf of the university, Mr. Azhar Azis Lubis, M.Pd. delivered the Welcome Address and Prof. Dr. Sumarsih, M.Pd, officially opened the conference. Afterwards, UPF presented the Ambassador for Peace certificate to her and other faculty members. The students paid great attention to the UPF presentations by Mr. Alfred Forno and Mrs. Ursula McLackland. During the Q & A session, the students were so eager to ask questions that we could not call on everybody because of time limit. Even the MCs asked us how to deal with the LGBT issue. We also introduced our Medan CARP member Putri to the students so that they can get in touch with her for further youth programs together.

For the Pure Love Pledge, 16 students volunteered to come forward to lead it on stage and all other participants enthusiastically followed their lead. After Mr. Samsul Bahri, M. Hum, thanked the organizers and UPF team for a wonderful and enlightening conference.

Mr. Najamuddin Siregar, Ambassador for Peace and head of Nurul Hikmah Pesantren (Islamic boarding school) who had brought 12 of his students to the seminar, invited us to speak to all of his students at their school the same evening. All 290 students gathered after dinner to listen to a presentation on “Fulfilling Your Dreams” by Mrs. Ursula McLackland and were given a chance to ask questions to the presenter. The students of this Islamic Boarding School are being prepared to continue their studies abroad to become either Muslim scholars or take up studies in other fields abroad. We were invited to stay at their school on our next visit to Medan.

Originally, we planned to complete the 1-day Special Education on the Holy Wine Ceremony and 4 Great Holy Items on Saturday, Oct. 15 itself. But because our members brought their parents and other family members, who were unfamiliar with the Divine Principle, we had to include additional content to help them understand the lectures and continues the program until Oct. 16. All family members responded very positively and want to study more. The mother of our core member Hillery Sitanggang could understand and fully accept True Parents as ‘global true parents’ this time and she offered us to use their place as the meeting room for our activities.

Through the recent 7-day DP workshop in Jakarta and this Special Education program in Medan, we have now the support of the families, esp. the mothers, of 5 core members from Medan. Centering on the new Medan center leader, Mr. Sugito Sampoer, whose company assigned him to Medan just 2 weeks ago, we will soon organize a HTM blessing for all these families members and their relatives.