Indonesia: International Day of Peace


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By UPF Indonesia

On the occasion of the United Nations International Day of Peace, UPF Indonesia conducted four programs at three different schools in Jakarta on Sept. 20 and 23, 2016 with a total of 250 students.

Programs 1 & 2 (Sept. 20, 2016): At Muhammadiyah No. 15 high school, Mr. David McLackland, Education Director of UPF Indonesia, taught the students “Universal Principles and Life Goals.” The Principal was so impressed by the program that he asked to conduct the same program for another class right afterwards.


Program 3 (Sept. 20, 2016): The principal of Barunawati High School warmly welcomed Mr. David McLackland and Maria Christyana at his office before the program on the theme “The Need to Educate for Character.”


Program 4 (Sept. 23, 2016): Junior High School 111 Jakarta invited the UPF team to conduct a character education program on “The Family Is the School for Love and Peace”. Over 70 students listened with excitement to the lecture by Mr. David McLackland (front left sitting next to UPF Indonesia Secretary Mr. Sugito Sampoer).