Cambodia: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Leader School Workshop


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By FFWPU Cambodia

OnSeptember 30th- Oct 3rd, we had hold a Heavenly Tribal Messiah Leader School workshop at Battambang Province as receiving Professor Young Hwan Gil as a lecturere. So far FFWPU-Cambodia have organized a lot of Blessing Ceremony especially in Battambang Province and Bantey Meanchay Province, which located on north part of Cambodia. Our purpose to organize this workshop was to educate HTM leaders those who have taken the role of HTM leader and settle down their foundation as “Home Group”. Specific things for this workshop, most of the participants are the new Blessed members those who attended our Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing for last 2 years. So they are the 1 or 2 years members.

Most of the participants, they are the leader for their community. Such as former Deputy Provincial Governor, 1 Mayor, 7 Chief of District, 7 Chief of Commune, 3 University Directors, 3 District Council Members, 7 Provincial Hall Officers2 District Officers, 2 Media Officers, 1 Director of Veteran Retreat Center, 7 CARP Center Leaders and 3 FFWPU Church Leaders, totally 49 members attended this workshop from 5 provinces including capital city Phnom Penh. (all the participants from Phnom Penh was FFWPU leaders and CARP leaders) Whether we have FFWPU center and CARP center in Phnom Penh but in the province, we have only 2 centers, which can educate our new blessed families in province. (Battambang Province and Bantey Meanchay Province) We need to build up more centers in every province but at the same time, we have to have clear system, which can educate in the community level, in the village level such as “Home Group”.

1st Day of this workshop, was to set up the “Mission Statement” of myself, my family and my home group. Professor Gil explained that as the starting point of the “Home Group”, we needed to make 3 disciples, and 12 disciples. Mr. Prom Keo (Acting Center Leader of Bantey Meanchay FFWPU Center, Secretary General of Bantey Meanchay Provincial Council, Lecturer of University of Management of Economy. He joined DP workshop on September 2014 in Bangkok, and attended Blessing Ceremony last year January) shared “Mission Statement of myself is the honesty. I understand core of True Parents teaching is “to build True Family”, so I practicing “True Love, True Life and True Lineage” in my family. This is my mission statement in my family” Professor Gil guided us that we have to write down this mission statement on the paper, and stick on the wall.


Mr. Cheng Oddom (District Officer of Bakan District, Pursat Province, He attended our DP Seminar on April 2016 in Battambang, his father is the retired 1 star general and his parents attended Blessing Ceremony on January this year) “Core of True Parents teaching is Three Great Blessing, Individual Perfection, Family Perfection and Perfection of Dominion. Honestly speaking, I have never thought about Family Perfection and Perfection of Dominion because still I am single but I think about Individual Perfection. Problem in our society is people don’t live for the sake of others. I consider that people fallen nature is “Not be honest for myself, tell a lie to myself”. Fundamentally, human fall was “tell a lie”. To work as government officer, my dream is to make the society people can live without telling a lie. So my mission statement is “Don’t tell a lie for myself”.

2nd day of this workshop, Professor Gil guided us about No.3 strategy. To make 3 disciples, 3 Great Blessing and 3 Great Thought is the strategy for successful of “Home Group”. In order to become successful “Heavenly Tribal Messiah”, To become True Parent as becoming Spiritual Parent, to become True Teacher as HTM Leader School and to become True Owner for building CIG is the 3 steps becoming successful “Heavenly Tribal Messiah”. Mr. Chhim Bunny (Chief of District Council in Malai District, Bantey Meanchay Province. He attended our seminar on October 2014 in Bantey Meanchay Province, attended DP workshop in Bangkok on December 2014 and became Blessed Family on 2015 January) “I consider without becoming True Teacher, True Owner, cannot say True Parent because personally I consider the role of parents is to take care the children till children become parents. So True Parent, True Teacher and True Owner is linked each other. Professor Gil mentioned about 3 disciples and 12 disciples strategy and I do agree with that. I calculate that if we follow with this strategy, we can make 1,200 Home Group before 2017 True Parents birthday. This strategy looks like slow but it’s sure and actually quicker.


True Parents mentioned 430 couples as Heavenly Tribal Messiah. I don’t know where this number came from. I think in my network, I will do 1,200 couples as Heavenly Tribal Messiah.” Then Professor Gil explained about HTM School, as 3 steps First Step as DP Education, True Parents Life course and Life of Faith, Second Step as forming Home Group and Third Step as Expanding. Then let us practicing 4 cycles as “Jeongsong”. Mr. Cheng Sakhorn (Journalist in Poipet City, retired 1 star general, He joined seminar on October 2014 in Bantey Meanchay Province, DP workshop December 2015 in Bangkok, to become Blessed Family on January 2016) “We loves True Parents and their teaching but sometimes people are accusing us such as religious activities or political activities.

What we really need to do is to educate them. Let them understand who is True Parents and what they do. If we do without strategy, it will become fighting. So we need to have clear system, strategy and teaching. What we are different from the other, we have internal but the other doesn’t have internal. We have a prayer but the other doesn’t have. Personally I think as long as we have Buddhist, Muslim or Christian, we need to do interreligious prayer as Jeongsong but finally our interreligious prayer should be AJU. If we do this without Jeongsong, we are very stupid.”


3rd day as the last day, Professor Gil explained again about the 4 cycles and practiced as “Relationship” as the second step of 4 cycles. Mr. Roth Vichhen (Director, Veteran Retreat Center in Svay Chek District, Bantey Meanchay Province. He attended DP workshop on April 2016 in Battambang, became Blessed Family on July 2016) “We always have problem with the human relationship. Let’s say in our history we have suffered because of lacking of human relationship. In order to have good human relationship with the other, we need to know the object partner, we need to research with the object partner and we need to pray for the object partner. Always have the problem with the other because we don’t take this process on the way for the human relationship. In order to make this strategy, we cannot skip 3 disciples and 12 disciples order. If we skip this order, we will get trouble. Blessing Ceremony is OK we can do this because everybody wants to become healthy family. In the reality, there are hundreds of problem in the family and we cannot relate all problem one by one alone. We need the sub-leader and this sub-leader need to connect with us. And among the “Home Group” to “Home Group”, we need the relationship on the base of Jeongsong.” Mr. Serey Kievsokhom (Principal of Provincial Teacher Training School. He attended DP workshop in Indonesia on March 2015, became Blessed Family on July 2015) “We have to let people know that we have saved by True Parents. True Parents teaching is the teaching for world peace. They don’t do this for their own benefit but they totally sacrifice for all humankind. I know True Parents pray for Cambodia. This mean True Parents sacrifice for Cambodia, too. Actually when we follow for True Parents, we will get the benefit. This is the “Heavenly Tribal Messiah”. We need to educate hundreds of people everyday. We need to do this with strategy. This is strategy what we learn these 3 days. Legally we register UPF and FFWPU as NGO but we are not NGO, we are peace organization more than UN. We need to know we work with whom. We work with True Parents. AJU!!”


Professor Gil reflected that this was his first time to get such kind of concrete reflection such as Home Group Management, the Method of Home Group. All of this because most of the participants are the leader in the society and just young members such as 1 year or 2 year but they are taking the ownership to become the CIG Citizen. The reason why in Battambang, that we can do this kind of very internal workshop with many leaders from the society because we are standing on the foundation of Jeongsong centering on Continental Director, Dr. Chung Sik Yong. For 5 years, Dr. Yong started to guide directly “Morning Devotion” especially in Philippines and Thailand. FFWPU-Thailand shared this Dr. Yong’s “Morning Devotion” at their FFWPU Website, that’s why we can join together with Thailand members and we can inherit this “Jeongsong” Foundation. 4 cycles starts from “Jeongsong”, so our internal goal for this “Home Group” workshop is not only to form “Home Group” but also to form the “Jeongsong” Foundation. Secondly, Asia Continent centering on Dr. Yong, have organized “Asian Leadership Conference” (Asian level Divine Principle workshop for high level VIPs) every month in Bangkok for last 6 years. Especially Dr. Yong invest a lot to Cambodian VIPs. Through this our UPF based VIPs became not only as UPF Ambassadors for Peace but becoming FFWPU members. Those Cambodian attended this Asian Leadership Conference (ALC), when they go back to their nation, work for Heavenly Tribal Messiah without exception. Heavenly Tribal Messiah is the Blessing that True Parents gave in Foundation Day for national restoration. HTM Leader School is the not only the school for HTM but also this is the second step for national restoration. FFWPU-Cambodia members, we all are so grateful to True Parents to give us the opportunity to save the nation.