Germany: Weekend Divine Principle Workshop


By FFWPU Germany, Claus Dubisz

Fresh wind in the Neumühle. Under this auspicious sign, our weekend workshops (September 23-25, 2016) take place regularly in the Neumühle, Bad Camberg. And very appropriately, since the middle of September, huge windmills soar above the tree tops. Between idylls that are modern, and those rooted in nature- basically the ideal setting for our Principle seminars. The Providence marches on and develops, and so also changes the way that the Divine Principle is taught and portrayed. This process is ongoing and thus each workshop is a unique experience.

According to the calendar it was already autumn, but it felt like a wonderful late summer weekend. Anne S. and Heidi W. took care that the logistics of organizing the sleeping accommodation and events functioned perfectly. Included in

this was the pick- up service from Bad Camberg station, the birthday cake for the guest, the drive to Gnadenthal, the music for the Twist dance performance at the evening program, the individual certificates for the participants etc etc.

The guests, from north (Hannover) and south (Nurnberg) and naturally also the surrounding Hesse, heard inspiring presentations, supported by power- point slides, from Ulrich T. and Claus D.. They enjoyed the tasty meals prepared by the chief cook Tomomi P. and delighted in the surrounding nature. For example, we learnt that blackthorns hang from high up bushes and have an extremely bitter taste. And we were able to observe a newly born calf which was being lovingly licked dry by its mother.

There were bright blue skies over us the whole weekend. And-as the lecturer in the presentation about man’s spiritual growth explained- this is comparable with the ‘direct dominion of God’. For then, there are no more clouds between Him and us. A sustaining thought which can accompany us through the dark of our everyday life , when a thick blanket of clouds over us reminds us that there is still much to do before we have completely left the area of ‚God’s indirect dominion‘ behind us.