Germany: A Meeting on Witnessing


Mrs. Hiraki from LA presents her successful concept for finding spiritual children


By UIlrich Ganz

A very successful meeting was held with Naoko Hiraki, Masujo Gröning’s spiritual mother. To start off, seven Japanese members from Berlin, Düsseldorf and the Hamburg community met to hear the report in Japanese, and this was followed by the report in English for a further eight members. Hiraki and her team of five Japanese women had found 60 new members over the course of four years through their witnessing effort in Los Angeles. They have now a total of 120 good contacts. She showed us photos, small film clips and graphs about these activities, as well as explaining the methods used to bring about this success. The starting point was a questionnaire listing eight questions which they posed to young people aged between 18 and 23:

  1. What is the cause of suffering in the world?
  2. Is there a spiritual world?
  3. How can we build a better world?
  4. What is the origin of evil?
  5. Why does history repeat itself?
  6. Does God exist?
  7. How can we establish true relationships?
  8. What is the purpose of life?

Mrs. Hiraki stressed that it is important to carefully listen to the answers, and not to correct or criticize. They chose a so-called „Community College“-a place of preparation for university study- in which to carry out their activities. They used the college cafeteria to talk to their interested contacts round one table.

The next step, was to invite those who had responded and answered the questions to read the Divine Principle. Over a cup of tea or coffee, everybody took turns to read the excerpts marked in color. When the student wished to discuss any point, a pause was made, and thus many existential and personal issues came to be discussed. In this way, many deep relationships developed. “As we witnessed, we not only stressed learning the Principle. We put value on listening to the life stories of our contacts from a parental perspective and to develop a relationship of heart with them’, said Mrs. Hiraki.

This meeting gave us hope that also here in Hamburg we can find a way to lead people to God and True Parents.


How We Witness in Los Angeles

By Mrs. Naoko Hiraki (August 14, 2015)

Early in 2014, Kodan was asked to make a breakthrough in witnessing in America. In July 2014, True Mother stated that Kodan should assist CARP. During the victory celebration with True Mother for Foundation Day 2014, HSA-UWC Brazil leader Rev. Koichi Sasaki gave his testimony about Brazil’s “successful witnessing activities centered on the Divine Principle,” based on one-on-one teaching of the Divine Principle. True Mother urged the world leaders to inherit this victory.

Representing Japanese members in American, Mrs. Naoko Hiraki participated in the 2nd anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa last year and pledged to win victory in witnessing, which is what True Parents desire most. Since then, Mrs. Hiraki has been instrumental in establishing our Los Angeles witnessing program through Divine Principle Hoon Dok in a community college campus cafeteria. She and her team now have a successful pattern of witnessing and education through which guests regularly come and study the Divine Principle from the Introduction all the way to the chapter on the Second Advent. Through this method, it is possible for our guests to become members in 2-3 months. All of the guests, without exception, encounter opposition and trials from their friends and families at some point, but they are able to overcome the difficulties thanks to their strong ties to their spiritual parents. We feel that this breakthrough in witnessing should now be shared widely and expanded extensively. As we usher in the 3rd anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa as the Elder Son Nation America, we offer this report that summarizes the successful witnessing experience in Los Angeles.

We sincerely hope that great victories throughout the United States will be achieved on this foundation of hard work and success by brothers and sisters in Los Angeles. We are grateful to True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind from the bottom of our hearts. We also would like to express our appreciation for the leadership of Continental Chair Dr. Ki Hoon Kim and HSA-UWC President Dr. Michael Balcomb as well as District Pastor George Kazakos and all brothers and sisters.