Czech Republic : Ceremony for 4 Holy Items and Special Grace



By FFWPU Czech Republic, Martine Masner

On September 24th, we held a 1-day workshop as a preparation for the Ceremony of Special Grace and the 4 Holy Items. Mr. Rainer Fuchs, our regional director, came to visit our nation and gave 3 lectures centered on Divine Principle, True Parents’ life course and Building Cheon Il Guk and Vision 2020. 65 people attended this event with a very high spirit, after we had a 40-day preparation period for it.

On Sunday, Sept. 25th, we held the Ceremony for the 4 Holy Items and the Special Grace Ceremony. All participants expressed their gratefulness, and new determination! For our nation it is like receiving the blessing from the Holy Spirit. Thank you, True Mother, for this revival and opportunity to make a new beginning!