Congo Brazzaville: Special National 21-Day Workshop


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By FFWPU Congo Brazzaville, Achille Mouanda

Starting from 1975 after True Parents sending the first missionaries in Africa, we have celebrated the 40th years of that providence in 2015. And this year, the 2016, means the starting of a new course of 40 years. Thus, the hope of our True Parents relies on youth of the second generation. It’s they turn to go everywhere and give testimonies of our True Parents.

The future of Congo Brazzaville also depends on our investment in educating this youth who will take the lead in the coming future for the settlement of Cheon Il Guk. So, in order to respond and comfort the heart of or True Mother, the President of Pure Love Movement, Mrs. BINTOU Carine assisted by the Family Fed. General Secretary, MOUANDA Achille, have organized a 21-day workshop for middle high school and high school Jacob and blessed children at Lycée Technique 1er Mai of Brazzaville, from July 18th till August 08th under the authorization of the Ministry of Technical and Professional Studies.

The 45 participants were taught on the Divine Principe, True Parents life course, the Tradition, Filial piety, faith life and internal guidance, matching and blessing, Hoon Dok Hae, providential and affiliated organizations, character education and pure love. Many leaders, such as the national leader, Rev. Norbert NDIELL E, have invested themselves so much during the teachings.

Participants also went through Divine Principle teaching practice and tests. Apart from receiving all those different lectures, participants also were taught on Tongil Moo Do and dancing. This was the first 21-days workshop of second generation children, which took place under a jeongseong atmosphere of prayers and dedication for receiving the grace of our True Parents through the four great holy items and celebrate the 4th anniversary of True Father’s ascension with devotion.



Participants have shed a lot of tears following True Mother’s message at the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of True Parents entrance to Cheon Jeong Gung. They understood that True Father’s course was not easy and they promised to become sons and daughters of filial piety and practice the teaching of True Parents.