Cameroon: Relaunch of CARP Cameroon


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By CARP Cameroon

We had a workshop to re-launch CARP activities in Cameroon on October 14th to 15th 2016, which was held at the FFWPU headquarters in Yaoundé.

As a result of the poor weather conditions some members did not arrive ontime, that is why we have to delay for few hours.

The meeting started holy songs, notably the song 1, 2 and 16 and this point was closed by an opening prayer done by brother Mvo Lorenzo.

Rev. EDWIN PLEKHANOV president of FFWPU Cameroon, gave the welcoming remarks. This was followed by a video presentation of CARP, which was about the development of the 5 core values of CARP, namely: The integrity; Team spirit, Intention, Development and Joy.

After the video presentation, Rev. Plekhanov took asked everyone; why does CARP exist? he explained that after the creation of the Holy Spirit Association in 1954, True Father created CARP a year later, in order to find young members to be able to lead the Nation as far as possible. He added that it is only in 1996 that CARP emerged in our country Cameroon. He then explained about CARP and how it should be apprehended as an instrument of success by the young.

The program continued with another video presentation which was about CARP activities on August 8, 1987 in Berlin, the determination, enthusiasm and authority of Hyo Jin Nim the President of World CARP. With this, Rev. Plekhanov, emphasized on the importance of unity and sharing. During the program on that day each participant had the chance to get to know others.


On the second day of the workshop we began with a prayer at 5 am the morning.

The main issue of the second day of workshop was the plan of action. AS we discussed, there will be a training program to train all the main internal members of the CARP in Cameroon. This program will take about two months in each region. For this training program, pamphlets were shared and later there will be a national seminar for CARP which will be held from December 27th to 29th, 2016 in Yaoundé.

For the training program, members of the Yaoundé CARP agreed to meet every Saturday in the afternoon for their training and those of Douala were asked to also find one day.


In the afternoon program we went to the Holy Ground. Here everyone cleaned the area and prayed in turns around the tree at the center of the holy ground. While eating some pawpaw fruits found in fields, Rev. Fongoh Innocent gave some guidance. He addressed the participants saying there must be champion everywhere if they wish to be true members of CARP, and for this they must remain positive at all times and guard all their thoughts, which will positively influence their words and actions. He concluded by saying that they have to devote their lives to the culture of true love daily.

Then Rev. Plekhanov asked everyone to express themselves through singing and dancing. Sister Rachelle sang two songs, sister BREIK and Brother Dongmo Rodrigue sang by playing the guitar. Then Rev. Edwin Plekhanov thanked all the participants and suggested that we should think of creating a theatre troupe.

Our workshop concluded with a unison prayer.