Cambodia: One-Day Seminar for Heavenly Tribal Messiah



By FFWPU Camboadia

Kampot is the newly pioneered place for us. It begins from Mr. Hut Hen, FFWPU-Battambang (Northwest Part of Cambodia) Director, contacted to Mr. Sok Kriech, who is the Kampot branch director of International University, to invite 3 days Divine Principle workshop, “Asian Leadership Conference” in Bangkok on September 15-19, 2016. After his joining conference in Bangkok, he reflected himself “I would like to send my sincere respect to Father and Mother Moon, the founder of UPF, for the world peace mission and express my profound gratitude for UPF-Cambodia providing me a great chance to attend a special conference…..I will transfer this expensive philosophy and concept to my family members, students, co-workers and staff to promote principle of peace and loving from the bottom of heart.“ He took into action more than what he reflects after conference. He invited Provincial Governor, Directors from the Provincial Hall from his province Kampot to the next “Asian Leadership Conference” on the beginning of October. He did this because he considered that in order to do “Heavenly Tribal Messiah” in Cambodia, first it is necessary for top leaders to know who is True Parents.

Kampot located southwest part of Cambodia borders Vietnam to the east and to its south, there is a coastline of around 45 km on the Gulf of Thailand. Kampot province has a population of 630,000, and consists of 8 districts. Black Pepper and Durian in this province are the specialized product, protected by GI law. Kampot is the hidden attracted tourist spot for foreigners, with abundant natural resource and French colonial architecture. As spiritual foundation for this conference, not only Mr. Sok Kriech works as member even before he joined our conference but also we have some students members from Kampot, recently one sister from this town attended Asian Top Gun Workshop under the guidance and supporting from Mr. Sok Kriech. 7-10 October, 2016, Mr. Sok Kriech brought 15 leaders from Kampot province and Kep province (neighbor provine of Kampot Province) including both provincial governors and directors of education department and provincial level directors. 1-day seminar on 20th October, 2016 for HTM activities, was prepared by those who came back from “Asian Leadership Conference” in Bangkok.


Pn October 20, 2016, we had 1-Day seminar, “Providing Vision for Nation-Building and Peace” was held in Kampot Provincial Hall, meeting room. Provincial Governors from Kampot and Kep Province, and chief of all 8 districts from Kampot Province, and Department Directors from Provincial Hall attended as participants. Among all participants, 8 of them attended “Asian Leadership Conference” in Bangkok including provincial governors. Mr. Sok Kriech and Mr. Kao Rith, Director of Education, Youth and Sports department of Kampot Province, were the main organizer for this conference. As a first step strategy for HTM activities, UPF-Cambodia organizes “Directors Conference” to the top leaders of tribal area. So this 1-Day Seminar is the “Directors Conference” as a first step of HTM strategy. In the past, we used to do “Directors Conference” in Bantey Meanchay Province with Provincial Governor, department directors in the provincial hall with all chief of districts but this is the first time for us to do this “Directors Conference” with full-supported by the provincial hall.

Mr. Hut Hen, serve as Master of Ceremony for this seminar. He is the actual person who pioneers this Kampot province. Mr. Chamrouen Sophal, National Leader to FFWPU-Cambodia, explains the philosophy of True Parents, Principle of Creation, Human Fall and the way of Restoration, introducing the significance and meaning of Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival. And explaining of the legacy of True Parents. H.E. Cheong Pheth, Adviser to UPF-Cambodia, (he is the former deputy governor of Bantey Meanchay Province and recently he promoted to the Under Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development) mentioned in his “Welcome Speech” about the Three Great Blessing as the Vision of True Parents, Unity of Mind and Body, to realize Ideal Family and to contribute the peace to the society. Through this, he encouraged all the participants to organize “Heavenly Tribal Messiah” in their community including explaining for “HTM Leader School: 3 Strategy Small Group (Home Group)”. He mentioned that this is the best service to the people in the community. Kampot Provincial Governor gives in his Opening Speech to say, “Forming a family, community, nation as well as the world, a married couple between man and woman cannot be lacked for continuous generation as Yin (represent woman) and Yang (represent man) in Chinese word. Moreover, the importance of marriage is to reduce poverty, divorce, crime, and pre-marriage pregnancy. Family quality is based on husband and wife-relationship. So True Love is the required Subject – True Love is not a principle, but is is from our bottom of heart-.” Encouraging all participants to work together with UPF-Cambodia for Heavenly Tribal Messiah. (Their expression is community family education and service)


Mr. Haime Saito, director of UPF-Indochina, gave the presentation for “True Parents Life Course” and “UPF Founders’ Peace Initiative”. Participants are interested in, especially when they saw how True Father initiated to early days of Korea to educate the people in the time of poverty, and recognized by themselves that to become “evergreen tree (상록수)” is to work for Heavenly Tribal Messiah. “UPF Founders’ Peace Initiative” is the explanation of True Parents’ investment to Cambodia. When we introduced about the Pure Love Youth Rally in Battambang Province with 5,000 youth, they want to do 10,000 youth rally. When we introduced about the Heavenly Tribal Messiah 430 couples, they want to do 1,200 couples. At the end of the seminar, H.E. Saut Yea, Provincial Deputy Governor, concluded the 1-Day Seminar. He gave the explanation of “Four Great Realm of Heart” and saying that philosophy of peace begins from “family”. And continued to mentioned that in order to make Kampot province as a model province, as the representative of provincial hall, strongly recommend to work together with UPF for the “Family Education” field. He pointed out each Chief of District to say, how many couples are their goal for next Blessing Ceremony. As the first step, we will do the 1,200 couples Blessing Ceremony at the Kampot town, at the end of November. And 430 couples Blessing Ceremony at the Kep town.

“Asian Leadership Conference” + “HTM Leader School (Home Group)”, this is the strategy for realizing Cambodian Peace which was given by Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Asian Continental Director. Because of Dr. Yong’s investment to Cambodia, now Cambodian Movement grows gradually but surely. Together with Dr. Yong’s strategy, Professor Yong Hwan Gil’s “HTM Leader School” teaching is showing to the vision and mission, as the destination of True Parents teaching, make them clear. Dr. Yong gave the vision through “Asian Leadership Conference” and Professor Gil show the mission through “HTM Leader School”. We believe someday, people from all over the world will come to visit beautiful city Kampot because of the success of Heavenly Tribal Messiah.

Thank you very much for True Parents to give this great vision of Heavenly Tribal Messiah.