Brazil: Parents Matching Convocation


by: FFWPU Brazil, Maria Dolor Barbosa das Graças

In Brazil, we held our 3rd Parents Matching Convocation for parents of 2nd generation and Jacob´s children on October 14-16 at our Main Training Center.

The number of participants exceeded our expectations, when more than 150 parents and 12 volunteers staff members came. It was so great!

We planned this seminar 4 months ago. In our hearts as staff, our goal was to make it the best for God and the True Parents and for the parents.

In our minds and hearts, we thought and felt that blessed parents are VIPs and God and True Parents love them so much. With prayers and cheongseong conditions, we strove to be God´s and True Parents´ instruments to serve and attend well the parents so that they could truly feel God and True Parents´ love flowing through us to them.

So, we prepared internally and externally well for this seminar. There were so many things to do before the seminar. In every detailed thing, we invested our sincere hearts thinking of how truly God and True Parents would want to treat the blessed parents. With such a heart, we put much care and love into everything.


Many brothers and sisters volunteered their help to prepare our Main Training Center (located an hour and a half away from our church headquarters by car). Some donated money for the repair and improvement of our training center. Others volunteered to paint, repair and clean. Sisters sewed new curtains for the guest rooms and public areas. Sisters’ donations allowed for us to decorate with flowers and plants. After all renovations, our training center became so beautiful, cleaned and had a new atmosphere, so light and heavenly, full of sincere love from brothers and sisters and everybody could feel God and True Parents’ love in every corner of our training center.

When the participants arrived at our training center, they could feel such a light and heavenly atmosphere and everybody was just so happy. There was much cheer among brothers and sisters meeting from all over Brazil and from Argentina, Chile and Ecuador.

The National Leader, Pres. Koichi Sasaki gave the Opening Remarks with enthusiastic words of welcome and encouragement to all parents present in the seminar.

The lectures given by Pr. Takashi Hosoya (Itinerary Missionary and main lecturer of Brazil church) were so deep and full of inspiration from heaven. The Divine Principle lectures, the Value and Significance of the Blessing and the Change of Blood Lineage gave so much impact to the participants that many of them were moved into tears.


There were great testimonies by the two young 2nd generation blessed brothers, namely:

Jocelyn Lepelletier, blessed to a Japanese sister named Rieza who is now pregnant of their 3rd generation child. Jocelyn is the leader of the Youth Ministry of Brazil and responsible for the True Love Day Ministry Works.

The other brother is Jin San Sampaio, blessed to a Korean sister, named Yegyeong who is the Director of Witnessing Department of South America. Jin San is the leader of Brazil CARP University students.

Their testimonies greatly moved the parents´ hearts. They demonstrated their deep love towards God and the True Parents and their deep love for their parents, denying the self and putting God and the True Parents and their parents first. That even though they had their own desires and wants for matching and blessing, they sacrificed that and just offered totally themselves for God and True Parents and their parents to work in the choosing of their spouses.

Their beautiful and very vertical attitude truly moved us so much and personally I cried a lot, thanking heaven to have such a great example of our young blessed 2nd generation brothers.

Their testimonies gave so much hope and strength for the parents to do right in educating their children and were so inspired to see these two young blessed 2nd generation brothers, happy with their blessing and who are bright and active in the providence.

The HDHs led by the couple Pr. Valcir Zancan (Vice-President for Education of FFWPU, Brazil) and his wife, Mrs. Flor Zancan (Vice-Director of BFD Brazil) emphasized much the right attitude of the parents in choosing a spouse for their children basing on the words of True Parents in the Selection of a Spouse based on the book, “Blessing and Ideal Family”.


Also, Pr. Valcir emphasized the importance of connecting to the center, God and the True Parents through Their representatives so that all blessed families can be connected as one body, mind and heart.

I (Maria Dolor Barbosa das Graças, BFD Director of Brazil and South America) shared my testimony about my blessing. I could not hold my tears as I shared my blessing experiences, remembering how it was difficult to overcome my struggles but with deep faith and love towards God and the True Parents, I never gave up. With deep prayers, cheongseong conditions, honesty and sincerity in heart towards my husband, God helped me so much to overcome my struggles and could unite in heart to my husband. I requested my husband to come infront and hugged him, thanking him so much for his deep patience and love and his understanding and support to me. The participants were in tears as I shared my experiences.

I also gave the lectures on the standard and the correct Matching and Blessing Process and clarified the doubts and questions of the blessed parents with regards to the matching and blessing process. Many parents were very grateful that their doubts and questions were answered.

There were leaders in tears who have shared their testimonies about the importance of going the correct way and not cause anymore burden to the True Parents.

The Final Words were given by the National Leader, Pres. Koichi Sasaki who gave the report of the successful ILC (parliamentarians event) recently held at Paraguay and emphasized the importance of the 100 days witnessing mobilization this time until Foundation Day 2017 to fulfill hopefully the goal in witnessing and bring many candidates for the blessing to support the vision 2020. Brazil as part of the 13 nations chosen by the True Parents will do its best to bring victory for God and the True Parents.

The seminar ended with the final prayer and 3 cheers of Oeg Manseis by the National Leader.



  1. “Very good! It´s very important that matching and blessing matters were clarified to the parents. I deepened my understanding. I hope that the Parents Matching Convocation can continue more often.”
  2. “It was a very enriching seminar, having an experience with other brothers and sisters and with an extraordinary content! Honestly, we need to have more seminars like this. Thank you!”
  3. “Very, very good! Excellent seminar! Thank you! I hope that this kind of seminar can be given to the different states of Brazil so that more people can participate, Aju!”
  4. “Much excellence to rekindle our love and faith to our mission and marital (blessing) commitment – more responsibility for our children. Everything was excellent!”
  5. “The atmosphere of the seminar was great! The lectures were wonderful! Also the meals were very good! And my doubts and questions were clarified and answered.”
  6. “It was very nice and interesting with special information about matching and blessing preparations that´s important for my children. The seminar clarified my doubts and questions about the process of matching and blessing.”
  7. “It was all very good! I really enjoyed and it was very meaningful, I want to participate more often.”
  8. “The seminar was great! Please organize it more often.”
  9. “This was a super gathering and a very good reflection for Blessed Couples. For me, these couples are a testimony of blessed couples that are uniting with True Mother (True Parents). Our second generation children, are the reinforcement of the future of the church. Please organize many seminars like this so that many couples who could not be here in this seminar, could have the opportunity to participate in the future. This is a census of all blessed couples that are truly uniting with the True Mother at this very difficult time of our church.”
  10. “I am very happy and very grateful for the information and knowledge I´ve got from the seminar that will serve much to the needs of the parents in Chile with regards to the matters about matching and blessing, thank you so much!”