Brazil: National Strategic Meeting for University Students


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By FFWPU Brazil

To begin the new projects on the university campuses, the “National Strategic Meeting for University Students” was held on Saturday, the 22nd of October, at the Headquarters in São Paulo, with the participation of 86 university students. Besides the students of São Paulo state, there were also representatives of other states of Brazil.

One of the main focuses of this strategic meeting was to motivate the university students to develop and expand the True Family Movement in society to support the national restoration.

On that day, we had the participation of various lecturers: pastors and elder brothers of our movement, who are dedicating themselves to Pure Love and True Family activities in schools.


They shared their experiences in these activities with the participants of the meeting. In this way, the university students and youth could receive an incentive to continue carrying out this work to transform the society, to realize Cheon Il Guk in this nation.

At the end of the event, there was a question and answer session to clarify any doubts, and they listened to advice about the topic discussed in the meeting.

There were also words of support given to the students from the Continental Leader of South America, Rev. Shin Dong Mo, and the Youth and CARP Movement Emissary, Rev. Kwun In-Soung.

At the end, the participants made a resolution to dedicate themselves in the activities of giving lectures in the schools to create a national movement as a base for the restoration of the Brazilian nation.