Australia: Oceania Peace Project (OPP)

A Service Project of FFWPU Australia


By FFWPU Australia


Background of this project:

This three-month project started since June 2016 with a guest who was still studying DP. His name is Jimmy, a Vietnamese Australian. He has already known about DP and True Parents. His background is Catholic and is still in the process of becoming a member. He is very inspired by True Parents’ teaching of living for sake of others. Rev Soon Teck Lim met Jimmy and they agreed to start a service project to support people in need such as the homeless and children in the island nations.


Who are joining and how:

Jimmy used social media “Facebook”, to call people, who didn’t know each other. They came and joined the service projects. For the beginning, he has been targeting the Vietnamese Community. Many youth turned up.

The following are the number of youth who turned up:

  • 1st time, 10 people
  • 2nd time, 26 people
  • 3rd time, 15 people
  • 4th time, 10 people
  • 5th time, 5 people
  • 6th time, 10 people

In the beginning of these activities when we met, we introduced ourselves and FFWPU. Later, we were able to present introduction of DP to the guests.


What are the activities:

They come to our Peace Embassy first, and we divide them into 2 groups, one is fundraising and the other one is giving foods to the homeless people.

Fundraising Group: They go fundraising outside in different areas with our products, supported by OLT for 3 to 4 hours. This is similar to our members’ fundraising style.

Distribute Foods: They made “Meat Pie” which is Australian food and give them together with True Father’s short massage written by the participants


After Activities:

1) A couple of hours later, they come back to Peace Embassy, we welcome them warmly and we start to share our heart through their experiences. Although some of them are first time, they feel that it is very good experience and we become closer in our hearts.

2) After the Service, on another day, Japanese CIG missionaries make the event ”TAKOYAKI Party” to invite some people who come to our project and get to know each other more. Furthermore this is creating environment for witnessing


The Result:

This project is very good opportunity for witnessing because many young people, who have good motivation and faith, are coming to our activities. And we can work together to support Solomon Islands and other islands.


Vision for this project:

Connecting many young people through Social Service.

Introduce True Parents and DP to many young people and through living for others to make them understand DP through practice.