Asian Leadership Conference


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October 7 – 10, 2016 ◊ Bangkok, Thailand

By UPF Asia, Ursula McLackland

Due to the astounding successes of the Asian Leadership Conference (ALC), UPF Asia is now going to hold an ALC at least twice a month. Government leaders, religious leaders and parliamentarians alike are so deeply touched by the True Parents’ vision for peace through ideal families that they return to their home countries and initiate Blessing Ceremonies in their own area.

After participating in the Blessing and Indemnity Stick Ceremony, many couples complete the 40 day separation period and conduct the 3-day ceremony successfully. Then they are even more inspired to bring their friends and colleagues. The Sri Lankan MP couple who first completed the 3 day ceremony is coming again and again, this time as staff. Each time he invites new friends, all fellow MPs, and delivers his heartfelt congratulatory remarks to them during the Blessing Ceremony. Sri Lanka brought 6 MP couples and plans to invite 21 couples for the next ALC.


Out of 76 conference participants this time, UPF Cambodia brought 58 high level government leaders and their subordinates and is determined to bring more than 100 leaders to the next ALC. They found that it is more effective to bring not only the top leader of a province or a ministry but also several of their subordinates who can work with us on the practical level afterwards.

UPF Indonesia brought 4 religious leaders, both Muslim and Christian. The Christian pastors are going to organize a 3-day seminar with the city mayor, government and religious leaders in their home town in North Sulawesi.

To save time and expenses, we shortened the sessions a little bit and began with a Welcome Dinner on Friday night that also served as the Opening Session. In this way, we could complete the entire education program as well as the Blessing Ceremony within 2 instead of 3 days. However, the participants received the same inspiration as in the longer program.


Reflection from Cambodian participant

“The quality of the family is based on the husband-wife relationship, so true love is a must-true love is not a principle, it comes from the bottom of our heart.

This Asian Leadership Conference is a valuable soft skill in terms of education that I can apply in my real work place as well as for the university education to promote mutual understanding and true love without expecting a reward – the more love is given, the more love is received. True leadership is giving, loving and sharing from the heart.”