Angola: Preparation for Holy Blessing of Marriage



by FFWPU Angola, Kinambuta Sambu Pedro

We have close relationship with the prophetic church of the winner in the world founded by Dr. Jorge Lino Cambundo (Dr. Enoque) for around 20 years. He already attended some of the unification movement activities inside and out of Angola (KOREA, USA, BRASIL, NIGERIA act…) and finally he became an ambassador for peace and the vice chair of UPF however he did not yet finish the full divine principle education, the relationship with him and his church continue to be strong.

A few months ago, Dr. Enoque asked us to guide the Marriage in his church. He is saying that since he received prophecy, he is not yet allowed permit to organize wedding ceremonies. Recently an angel guided him to connect with the unification movement in order to guide his members to receive the holy wedding. So on September 25th he prepared about 4000 couples in the area named Kibala, where they are establishing their spiritual headquarters which is similar to Cheonpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center.

Every year from September 22 to October, they have a special national activity called “THE NATIONAL FAST” and this year about 15000 members attended this Mega activity. In this occasion, UPF and FFWPU were invited to guide some of their activities such as Holy wedding and the Character Education program.

Rev. Futila, sub-regional director of FFWPU central Africa, Dr. Domingos, the chairman of UPF Angola (general consul of Angola in Germany), Dr. Marta de Carvalho the president of the WFWP Portugal, many others were among participants.


During the event, two new ambassadors for peace were nominated. Dr. Ines, the secretary of state from ministry of education and another one was the representative of the governor of the Kwanza sul province where the activity occurred. Dr. Ines said she wishes to introduce the character education in general program of national education.

A special committee was created in order to organize this project better in Angola. And for this, our sub-regional director, Rev. Futila will come again to Angola in order to be part of this project. Concerning the holy blessing, we would like to education first Dr. Enoque so that he studies deeply the Divine Principle and other matters regarding the blessing such as 40-day separation, indemnity stick and 3-day ceremonies and the true meaning of holy wine and so on.

As they do not drink win in that church, they do not use the wine then we need to have it as holy juice. All the members in that church needed a special education program to understand and take every step of the blessing without any problem. That why, on September 25, we just made a foundation for the blessing through education and we are preparing them for the main blessing event soon after they complete education process.

On that day, all program was cover by the Angolan media such as national radio, national television and some local radios and newspapers.