Albania: Awareness in Supporting the Orphans


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By FFWPU Albania

Giving makes you happier than receiving! We were not the first to use this quote, and for sure we will not be the last. Experiencing happiness in such a important days, guided by the teachings of True Parents, is a pleasure that does not have limits.

In a joyful atmosphere and having heartfelt messages from those present, and mainly from the youngsters that offered and dedicated their time and energies, we held and event on the occasion of the International Day of Peace on September 29, 2016 in “Aleks Buda” Hall at the National Academy of Sciences.

We decided to commemorate the day of peace by distributing school supplies for 70 orphan children. Those supplies were provided as a result of the investment of our brothers and sisters during the 40 days fundraising campaign.

This is actually the 8th year that the contribution of Albanian brothers and sisters goes to orphan children, and this time we did this together with the National Institute for the Integration of Albanian Orphans.

There was a wide participation of children together with their relatives, like previous years. Among participants, we also had our brothers and sisters, members of FFWPU Albania and Ambassadors for Peace that came along with their message for the day.


Sincere and hopeful messages were given from the bottom of the hearts of the Chairman of UPF, Gaqo Apostoli, the Chairman of National Institute for the Integration of Albanian Orphans, Ilir Chumani, vice-president of FFWPU, Manjola Vasmatic, and also from Sanja Bako, leader of the fundraising team that provided the gifts for the children.

All the children who participated at the event had a chance to receive the tools and supplies they needed for their education.

Of course we also had entertainment which brought so much joy to all the participants and we could see and feel it in eyes everyone. Participants enjoyed two beautiful songs prepared by students of UPA, Mica Camara and Riza Santarin, and the Japanese missionaries. The Japanese missionaries also performed a dance that brought enthusiasm to everyone.