Romania: Advanced Divine Principle Seminars



By FFWPU Romania

In the first weekend of October, in Bucharest, Romania we organized the first Advanced 2 Days Workshop for CARP Members, this semester. In the same time, we organized 1 Day Divine Principle Workshop for new guests.

For 1-day workshop we had two new guest that came to listen to the divine principle lectures. The lectures were about: ‘Principle of creation’, ‘The human fall’ and ‘Introduction to restoration’. The guest came interested to find out new information and they said the approach on the topic was new for them.

At the end of each lecture we had a short time to discuss about the content of the presentation centered on questions related with what was presented. Was a good opportunity for the guests to clarify all the new ideas that they received from the presentation. In this way they were able to clarify the new information.

After the lectures we had lunch together and then we joined the Happy day, together with the guests form Advance 2 Days workshop.

For Advance 2 Days Divine Principle Workshop we had 4 CARP members that attended the presentations. The lecturer was the national leader Mr. Jeong BongMoon and the lectures were about: ’Why we study Divine Principle?’, ‘Principle of Creation’, ‘The human fall’ and ‘Restauration and purpose of Messiah’. The topic of the whole workshop was ‘Finding my true-self’.


During the two days of workshop guests were able to understand deeply the Divine Principle and to connect it with their life. After each lecture the lecturer made teams of two in order to present to each other what they understood from presentation, and also to digest better the new information.

In the afternoon of the first day we had ‘Happy day’, a period of time when we were able to discuss about future projects. After the guest from 1 Day workshop joined ‘Happy day’ we had together some games in order to know each other better. Everybody had a good time and we made better connections between us.

First day of the workshop finished with a period of sharing in which we were able to find out more about each other and to create better connections as brothers and sisters.

Second day started with Hoon Dok Hae when we read from True Parents words in order to understand better what means the Word of God. Everybody had the chance to express his opinion centered on the words we read and the conclusion was that the Word of God is a combination of love and principle.

Lectures form second day centered on Human Fall and Restoration. The guests were able to have a deeper understanding of the consequences of the Human Fall and also what can we do in order to restore ourselves. They attended lectures with interest and open mind.

We would like to offer sincere thanks to all out brothers and sisters working hard for Romania Providence and we hope that we can bring the utmost joy to our beloved Heavenly Parent and True Parents.



Miruna: “…Firstly I do like that Mr. Jeong promotes self-evolution, as a human, but also as a life form of energy. (…) I agree to everything and pretty much understand the point of all the lessons that Mr. Jeong presented to us.”

Mircea: “I admit I didn’t knew from where the human fall started, from the lineage. This are new things that I learn, but is hard to digest. (…) I try to read the Bible, to understand restoration, way Jesus came? “

Eduard: “I like the way presentations have gone through so many subjects. I really appreciate all that particular details and examples according to lessons.”.