A historic day in the Giessen community



By FFWPU Germany, Rosemarie Leja


The Giessen community gathered on the 18th of September (a historical day because of the Madison Square Garden and the Washington Monument events) to make a new beginning through the Special Grace of the 4 Holy Items of Cheon Il Guk and the Holy Wine Ceremony.

The whole event was prepared with much love and care by the Claus family. The community center was nicely decorated and looked quite festive.

Dieter and Ana Schmidt especially came to spend this meaningful day with us. Dieter’s lectures provided us with important information about this special occasion.

Furthermore it was emphasized that we need lots of patience on our path, with ourselves and with each other, as we make progress little by little, step by step. This is only possible, if we are aware of God’s love for each and every one of us. It is all centered on the culture of heart. The focus for the next 4 years (vision 2020) will be Tribal Messiahship. Our tribe consists not only of our close family and relatives but also of friends, working colleagues, school friends and neighbors. A beautiful thought really!

Dieter encouraged us to hold on to God, our Heavenly Parent and True Parents, despite of all of the turbulences and to never ever give up.


After a delicious lunch we were given time to reflect and prepare ourselves for the Holy Wine Ceremony.

Dieter and Ana, together with Christian and Glenys guided us through this beautiful ceremony. It was a solemn moment, surrounded by divine love. We were like one big family.

This ceremony concluded with True Mother’s benediction prayer. It was very moving. In the same loving atmosphere the four Holy Items were handed out to the respective families.

After this official part we were all invited to coffee and cake. The spirit was joyful and serene. At the very end everyone gathered for a group photo.

This was truly a historic event and we will keep this beautiful day in good memory forever.