Zambia: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop


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By FFWPU Zambia

In line with True Parents’ vision and in order to make sure Zambia becomes a Cheon Il Guk nation, the Regional Witnessing and Education Department and Blessed Families Department jointly organized a 3-Day Workshop for already 30 established Tribal Messiahs of Zambia from September 16-18, 2016. The purposes were to 1) help these Tribal Messiahs to start organizing themselves as well as organize their tribes into trinities of families and clans and establish a proper channel of education and communication; 2) make a survey and identify the skills and human resources that they have in their tribes in order to prepare and get them involve in social impact projects. We need to brand the Blessing and FFWPU in Zambia.

The workshop was very interactive and each participants shared their idea on the different topics discussed. The program started by a brainstorm on the Catch Phrase that we will be using henceforth. It was followed by a session on identifying the challenges faced by each tribal messiah in his/her area. The issues were grouped into five categories: Administrative, Financial, Logistics, Relationships and Education. Another session was dedicated on finding solutions to the different problems found.

The second and third days were focused on how to identify the human resources of and organize one’s tribe into trinities and clans with a proper communication channel. Here participants discussed also the best way to lead their tribe and help all Blessed couples within the tribe to step by step embrace True Parents’ vision and lifestyle.

The workshop went well and the objectives were well achieved.



  • “Glory to God and True Parents for allowing me to attend the 3-day workshop. The workshop was very motivating we learnt a lot which is good for our spiritual growth in the building of the Cheon Il Guk  nation. The workshop was so inspirational and educational as well.”
  • “The workshop highlighted the deep insight of the significance of Heavenly Tribal Messiah and the need, responsibility of a tribal messiah, and what we should do for the sake of the Blessed couples in our tribe, Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ will to build Cheon Il Guk  nations in the entire world. I am extremely excited for the gained knowledge, and how we can practice this so as to live within True Parents’ vision for 2020.”
  • “Through this workshop I have come to understand many things, first of all I came to understand who I am as a Heavenly Tribal Messiah all what I need to do, all I need to resolve as Tribal messiah. I must realize there is much more to the name Heavenly Tribal Messiah . Thank you for organizing this kind of workshop it has helped me and I am sure others too are inspired.”
  • “I learned that I should be able to take care of my tribe through loving them and as I practice the Principe in my daily life. Share love by serving them. I have to inherit True Parent’s foundation and expand it to my 430 Blessed couples. I should show true leadership to my tribe. I have to inherit TPs’ vision and pass it on to my tribe. Keep always communicating with my tribe, so that I know the details that needs to be done in good time. Thank you.”
  • “In this workshop I have truly learnt a lot about being a tribal messiah, and how we can establish this nation of Zambia as a Cheon Il Guk  nation by the year 2020. The explanation was very clear especially the witnessing and how we can take care of the 430 couples under our tribal areas. The most important thing was to have a’ heart’ for your tribe as a leader. The group discussions really helped a lot, because if you missed a point you easily catch up during the discussions. More workshops will make things clearer.”
  • “The 3-day workshop about Heavenly Tribal Messiah in a nutshell was a success. As a participant I learnt a lot of things and now I am equipped to carry on with the work in harmony with True Mother’s Vision to establish Zambia as a Cheon Il Guk  nation. Vision 2020 we will do it. Thank you.”
  • “The 3-day seminar for the tribes’ leaders was a revival of certain points which are very potential for the development of tribes. I also feel the cooperation between tribal leaders is very important, because all of us are working for a common cause: the restoration of Zambia as a Cheon Il Guk nation. The workshop was a successful experience to me and my team. Thank you.”
  • “The workshop was very educative in a sense that it renewed in me the fact that we have all it takes to make Zambia a CIG nation. The notion that working through the chiefs, which seems to be more effective. Internally my feeling is so good, I have a conviction that we can do it, with a bit more hard work and focus, we will be able to bring the Zambian people to God. Thank you.”
  • “I am grateful to have been able to attend this very important workshop, which has inspired me to work as tribal messiah. I find it very practical in the sense that it touches the actual reality. Thank you.”
  • “This workshop made me understand clearer the work on the ground that all doesn’t stop with blessing people and bring them to do the 3-Day Ceremony. I need to work to continue to take care and guide them to also become tribal messiahs themselves. I pray for the victory in Heavenly Tribal Messiah to build Zambia as a Cheon Il Guk nation. Thank you.”
  • “The workshop was very educative as it was handled in a mature manner. The lessons were short but practical through group discussions. The workshop was short but cover subjects or lessons like: introduction to tribal messiahship, witnessing, blessing standards, the tribe, tribe leadership and tribe structuring. Personally I suggest many more workshops of such nature be taking place every after three months, to refresh the mind of tribal messiahs and Zone leaders. Thanks to the leadership for time provided. Hoping for more in time to come.”

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