USA: Heavenly Tribal Messiahship



Our tribal messiahship trinity recently held a community BBQ. Because August is the month of the 30,000 couples and 360,000 couples Marriage Blessing Ceremony anniversaries, we decided to have an anniversary celebration as our next event on August 21st.

When we discussed this event with our trinity, we all agreed to invite guests and also that we would like to share how wonderful our experience of the Marriage Blessing is. Just as we were talking about inviting our neighbors, one of our trinity members’ neighbors came to visit us and asked us to come to their marriage ceremony! That was an unexpected surprise.

Fifteen families, including that neighbor’s family, came to our anniversary celebration. We showed a few videos of our Blessing ceremony and a video presentation created by the Blessing & Family Ministry (BFM). We also had testimonies, games, dances, cake cutting and a prayer together.

Since my Blessing, I felt God’s and True Parents’ hearts stronger than when I was still single. This lyric from the holy song repeatedly came into my mind: “How can I return the blessing? Tho’ in all my life I will try, I can never stop feeling how unworthy am I.” I wish that through these kinds of events and parties, we can show and encourage more people to be part of our Blessing ceremonies. Thank you, God! Thank you, True Parents!