USA: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop


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On the weekend of August 27-28, Demian Dunkley, National Director of Evangelism, was invited to Elizabeth, New Jersey to hold the seventh We Can Do It Workshop, a two-day kickstart to a three-month community initiative to work together to achieve Heavenly Tribal Messiahship.

Around nineteen families joined the workshop and committed to creating a new community structure based on trinities and clans which will work together to create a tribe in Elizabeth. “Before each couple can be a tribal messiah to 430 blessed families,” said Demian, “True Mother suggested that we work together to create one tribe first. Elizabeth needs to become its own tribe of 430 families.”

On the first day, participants were presented with the Tribe Kit, a box of resources designed to support the tribal messiahs in their three-month commitment and in the ultimate goal of bringing together 430 families. They were also invited to recall their own testimony and to think about why they love being in this movement as well as their life purpose in light of their personal passions.

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After lunch, Demian gave a presentation about the international standards of tribal messiahship outreach, answered questions, and encouraged the participants to take steps toward creating trinities to work together and be accountable with.

On Sunday, before church service began, the workshop held a session to answer the question, “What is blocking us from bringing Elizabeth back to God?” The purpose of the session was to identify the top three priorities for social impact that the community wants to tackle together.

“For me, this was the turning point in the workshop,” said Yoshie Manaka of the Evangelism Department, who attended the workshop as staff. “I saw the energy shift, and everyone was so present and so passionate about discussing what they can do together.”

Following Sunday Service, a birthday party, and a delicious lunch, the workshop participants met again to finalize the structure of accountability trinities and clan leaders, who will be reporting to Pastor Darryl Franklin weekly about the trinities’ progress and activities. Groups pitched ideas on ways to implement social change in the city, and also made goals about how many couples they want to bless. As a whole, the community committed to blessing 59 couples in the next three months.

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“This workshop has been like an answer to a prayer,” said Pastor Darryl. “For so long I’ve asked myself, how do I do tribal messiahship? And then when I became a pastor, I’ve been praying about how I can I can inspire or lead our community towards the goal of fulfilling tribal messiahship responsibilities. I honestly and most humbly feel that through this workshop my prayers were answered. The skills, knowledge and practical strategies born from this workshop will give us the ability to develop the action steps toward transforming our community and bringing it into God’s alignment.”

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Eliza Medina : “This two-day workshop was a mind and spirit awakener for me. I have been exhausted by helping out in the church activities every week, especially Sunday Service responsibilities. I believe getting together, with the heart of doing more with action—to witness with the intention of blessing families—helped a lot. My understanding about tribal messiahship is clear now. I will do my part to do action, move the spirit world by doing what True parents have been emphasizing ever since they first introduced tribal messiahship. Now, I feel member resentments and reservations towards tribal messiahs and our church as a whole are melting away.”

Anonymous : “This workshop helped me to realize the purpose I have in life, which God has intended me to fulfill, and that I should really go out and try instead of distracting myself in other areas I don’t have interest in. I realized the areas I was meant to be in, as well as the strengths that I have.”

Jorge Alvarez : “It was a good decision for me to join the We Can Do It Workshop. When it was announced, I hesitated to come because I already had ideas about what to do as a tribal messiah for my physical tribe back in the Philippines. But when Demian spoke about True Mother’s expectation for this country, I’m really willing to help and be part of this new revolution. The two-day orientation is giving me energy to work in the providence, not as an individual but with my family. I’m pretty sure that my talent is very useful for the establishment of Heavenly Kingdom. I’m very positive that my external goals can be fulfilled if my heart and commitment is 100% in. Thank you Evangelism Team for your hard work and support.”

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