USA: CARP Las Vegas Introduces ‘Tribe Talk’



by CARP Las Vegas

On Thursday, September 8, the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) chapter in Las Vegas kicked off a new semester with a brand new program: Tribe Talk. College students gathered together with the purpose to connect as a family and enrich our lives through the study of Unification Principles.

Nine guests attended, and for some of them this was their first time attending a CARP event. The evening began with a light dinner and fellowship. Afterwards, everyone was divided into small discussion groups or “families.” As the semester continues, we will keep meeting in the same families in order to develop strong relationships of trust and honesty.

In our family meetings, each person had a chance to share their high and low from the previous week. Then, in each group we read excerpts from the Divine Principle, other messages delivered by True Parents, and World Scriptures, an anthology of interfaith texts, and had a discussion. The theme for this week’s reading and discussion was “Human Contradiction and the Original Mind.” For many of the attendees, it was their first time reading the Divine Principle. The format of reading and dialogue allowed them to experience the power that the Divine Principle can have in our daily lives when we align ourselves with truth.

To wrap up the night, we gathered together again as a large group and shared open about our experiences with the first Tribe Talk. The reflections were tearful and moving. All in all, our first Tribe Talk was a powerful experience for everyone involved. It demonstrated the power that the Divine Principle has to provide guidance for our lives, and the strength that we can experience when we come together to support one another’s spiritual growth.