Togo: Ceremony to inherit the Four Great Holy Items of Cheon Il Guk



We had the ceremony to inherit the four holy items of Cheon IL Guk and holy wine ceremony From September 3 to 4, 2016, at the headquarter.

In total 13 blessed families took part in this event. We also a seminar for repentance and forgiveness among members for a new start was organized a week before. At this seminar, members opened their heart and spoke about everything they felt about each other, and tried to forgive each other for past mistakes.

That was a foundation for us to have ceremony to inherit the four holy items of Cheon Il Guk and the ceremony for the holy wine. The event was closed with the prayer of our True Mother, followed by three shouts of eong Mansei.

The families expressed their recognition to the heavenly Parent to True Parents for this wonderful grace promising to take greater responsibility for the success of Vision 2020.

Many families following the explanations of the seminar, have openly expressed their desire to raise the spiritual conditions before participating in the ceremony in the coming days.

The same ceremony continues in other locations in Togo for other blessed families.

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